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A Mom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day 2019

Can you believe it is February already? Valentine’s Day is coming up quicker than we thought! Do you know what type of crafts you will do with your kids? What are going to get for your husband? Will you go on a date? If you are struggling for ideas this year, struggle no longer. Myself and over 20 other bloggers have put together a Mom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day to help all mom’s out on ideas that can help them get through this holiday. Below are all of the resources you could possibly be looking for all in one location!

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My favorite bloggers links for Valentine’s Day:

The easiest, most delicious Valentine’s Day dessert.


Copywork from the Scriptures


Adorable kids’ Valentine’s Day cards with free printables. They’re free to download and make things much easier for mom.

Pokemon Valentine’s Day Cards

Unicorn Lollipop Valentine’s



Recognition – not a material item, but one that is so valuable!


Make a fun gift for mom from couscous!


Valentine’s Gifts For Everyone You Love!


Valentine projects, from scratch and otherwise, and books

Unique printable Valentine’s to attach to related gifts to give memorable tokens of your affection on Valentine’s Day.


14 simple ideas to show love for your spouse and family for the fourteen days leading up to Valentine’s Day. There is one idea per day plus a free printable planning sheet.


Special Valentine’s Breakfast with healthy Red Velvet Waffles and Thoughtful Traditions Valentine’s Day activity box giveaway.


Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Card Printables for Kids Classroom



Coffee or Tea Mug made just for moms


Bear Hug Valentine


20 fun stay at home date night ideas for couples + free printables to help make it fun 



Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookies are the perfect dessert to share with your loved one and a great Valentine’s activity to involve the kids in!



A fun and simple way to reuse your kid’s Valentine’s Day cards from school so you don’t have to throw them away.



Valentine’s Day Countdown Clock so your kids can stop asking you how many days are left until Valentine’s Day!



Super easy Valentine’s Day treats for school with a free printable!



Date Night In a Box! A listing of date night subscription boxes


Moms definitely need some alone time to reconnect with their hubby. It’s hard to find time with kids, so planning a date night once a week will help bring back the love!



A day where she doesn’t cook or clean




How to Make a Valentine’s Day Heart Attack

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