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Motherly Love

Motherly love…


What is love? What is a mother?

A mother is some who takes care of another person or thing. You can be a mother to someone that you may not even birth.

Love is when you want the best for someone even if it means not the best for you. Having the greatest intentions for another is love at its finest.

I always had a mother’s love growing up, I knew I wanted many kids. I would try to help take care of my younger family members and friends. Even during my school ages, my girlfriends and I would always play house and sister, and I loved being mom with many kids.

So, as soon as I discovered I was pregnant, a small bit of me was super excited, and more of me was nervous of what would come. Shortly, after delivery, my motherly instinct took place again. From waking up every couple of hours to check on my newborn baby every 2hours to letting her throw up on me whenever it was needed. I was ready for it all, to be a full-time mother. I was so ready that during the first 6 weeks I didn’t want help from anybody with the baby, I wanted to do it all. All the feeding, the changing, the napping, everything she needed I was there to provide. My mom jokingly was calling me supermom. Now that I’m 9 months in and still breastfeeding strong, I sometimes give my self a little rest and me time every now and then.

I love being a mother and having a baby who loves me just as much.

Sometimes I leave my daughter in the room and going into another room to get something or anything and when I come back and my daughter notices that im back, she gets so happy and starts clapping. Even though I was gone for less than five minutes, I love the excitement in her face to see me. The emotions she expresses never leave me dull. This makes me love her so much more.

To the mothers out there comment your favorite thing about being a mother and what it has taught you.

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