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How to Pick a Safe Car Seat

Ever since my daughter has had her car seat turned facing forward because she turned 2 and had super long legs, we have struggled with finding a great car seat. We had a few second hand ones, we bought a few cheaper versions so that my parents could have one too when we went to visit them, but overall, we just never had a good car seat after she grew out of her infant seat.

Shopping around for a car seat is also very hard! There are literally so many choices and who knows which is the best choice?! I didn’t and no one else really did either. After reading reviews, and knowing what I was looking for, the choices became easier.

We decided to go forth with a car seat that she could use now going into age 3 and then, when we had a 2nd child, this car seat starts at 5lbs and goes to 85lbs and comes with adjustments for infants. Perfect for our scenario. The Pria 85 Max has many great features.
Maxi-Cosi® Pria™ 85 Max Convertible Car Seat in Night Black

Even before putting the car seat in the car, I had to see if Hailey thought it was comfortable. She loved it so much she had us put it in the car. She was also very excited about the cup holder. I was also very excited as well. Do you know how many times I have to reach back there to get whatever it is that she is finished eating or drinking?!

One of my least favorite things about putting a car seat into the car is anchoring it into the seat. I always break my nails, I start to sweat, and then I get very frustrated! Well with the Pria 85 Max, I was able to do it without any of those things happening. They have a red clamp that is easy to release and clip onto the hooks under the seat. This is a mommy win.

Another mommy win is the magnetic chest clip that is super easy to open and close, and after a few tries, opening it with one hand to get Hailey out of the car. At first I struggled because I was pressing really hard since the other car seats I had needed extreme force, but not this car seat buckle. This buckle, I was actually pressing too hard! Once I figured that out, it was like a dream and I know how much time this will save me without struggling to unstrap and strap her in.

The Pria 85 Max is very easily adjustable so you can move the straps up and down based on tightness. So as Hailey gets bigger, the straps can adjust to her. I had an older version of a car seat at my mom’s house that you phyiscally had to move the straps in the back of the seat when she got bigger. I am not a car seat expert and I had no idea if I had done it correctly or not, it just seemed super dangerous and I was not a fan. This carseat has none of that nonsense and even my parents, who have a hard time tightening the straps, can get it done easily. Grandparent win!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to car seats, my daughter is gross. She is always finding some food in there that she had eaten or she spills her juice, her yogurt, her pop tart, her breakfast… You name it ? She has spilled it! But she only spills it in her car seat. Go figure! Now, with the car seat that we had, it was nearly impossible to take that seat out of my car and put it back in, so anything that had to relate to taking it out, I avoided! The Pria 85 Max does not make you take the seat out to clean the fabric and it is machine washable (none of that hand washing business) and it is dryer safe. I have yet to have her throw up in the car seat, (knock on wood!) but if she did, the last thing you would want to worry about would how do you take a car seat out covered without getting it all over the car!? This would help mom’s out in so many ways.

Lastly, another selling point is that it has a safer side impact protection with Air Protect: Advanced air cushion system. It would protect her head if we were to be hit by another car. This makes me feel good about putting her in a car seat like this. I love anything that tells me my daughter will be safer in their product. But you know how sometimes a product will tell  you something is safe, yet you are never able to see how it is actually safe? Well that is not the case with this car seat. You can visually see the head rest that will help protect your child.

I stick with the quote I have been saying since I have found all of these wonderful products and am wishing I would have found them when I first had Hailey! If you are looking for a car seat to add to your registry, this is it!


{I received product for feature in exchange for my honest review. See my disclaimer policy.}

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