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5 Reasons Your Body Doesn’t Absorb Nutrients

It’s all started with feeling a little tired. You thought nothing of it and decided to get to bed early for a change. However, you are not feeling any better the next day. You brush it off and prepare a breakfast fit for a king: A glass of freshly pressed orange juice, a slice of wholemeal bread with an egg, and some yummy avocado. Unfortunately, the day doesn’t seem to bring any more energy. Why are you always tired despite your efforts? Here’s a hint: Could it be that your body doesn’t absorb nutrients properly?

Why are you always tired despite your efforts? Here’s a hint: Could it be that your body doesn’t absorb nutrients properly?

#1. Stress

If you are going through a lot of pressure, it is likely to affect your digestion. Digestive complaints such as constipation

or disruptive digestion are frequently linked to high stress levels. Indeed, being stressed can transform the way your body digests nutrients. First of all, when you are stressed out, you tend to pay less attention to your day-to-day health. So you could find yourself drinking less water or exercising less, which distracts your digestion. The digestive process focuses on bringing the nutrients to your organs and bloodstream as the intestines absorb them. Yet, when the digestive health is compromised, your intestines can’t process enough nutrients.



#2. Slow metabolic functions

The pandemic has transformed our lifestyles. For a lot of people, it’s meant staying at home for a prolonged period of time. A sedentary lifestyle combined with pandemic anxiety can slow down your metabolic functions. The metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy. However, if your metabolism is slow, it can struggle to extract energy from the food. It can be a long healing path to boost your metabolism. But you can kickstart the journey is IV NAD treatment that can deliver nutrients directly to your bloodstream. This can help support metabolic functions and gradually boost your metabolism.



#3. Mild food allergy or intolerance

A mild food allergy is the kind of thing you may not notice. You might experience some level of discomfort, but it can easily be overlooked if it isn’t severe. However, it’s worth testing food allergies, as lactose intolerance can lead to nutrient malabsorption. Indeed, when the intensive wall becomes inflamed as a result of food sensitivity, the intestine may not be able to process and digest nutrients effectively.


finding the best nutrients for your body

#4. You rely too much on antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is a phenomenon that occurs in individuals who rely too much on antibiotics. Bacteria become more resistant to medication, which renders the antibiotics useless. But high doses of antibiotics can also lead to malabsorption symptoms in the small intestine. Indeed, antibiotics influence the gut flora, which can slow down or even prevent the absorption of nutrients. If you need to rely on antibiotics for long-term treatment, it can be worth asking your physician for gut-friendly alternatives.



#5. It’s the opposite: You’ve got too much

Can there be too much of a good thing? We hear a lot of vitamin deficiency, but vitamin overdose is an equally harmful phenomenon. For instance, did you know that too much selenium could lead to fatigue? Selenium is present in Brazil nuts, oysters, beef, chicken, tofu, shrimps, mushrooms, and whole wheat pasta.



Before jumping to any conclusion, you may want to book a full health check with your doctor. Seize the opportunity to get tests on your vitamin deficiencies, food intolerance, and metabolism.



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