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How to Successfully Return to Work After a Baby

The transition between being a full-time mother and going back to work can be difficult. You’re worried about how rusty you’ll be at work and how many firsts you could potentially miss with your baby. What happens when your child is unwell or the childcare falls through? Will you be exhausted? Can you really handle it all? There are questions every mother asks herself. Here are some tips to make things a little easier on you.


Get Organized

It will be much easier for you and your baby if you are prepared in advance. For example, having a breast pump you can rely on is one of the best tools for getting yourself back to work without any hiccups. Not only will your baby be stocked with breast milk while you’re gone but you’ll be able to pump at work if you need to. You should also make sure you’ve always got plenty of breast pads with you to avoid leakages at work. Even having a planner for working moms would be key!

Invest in Some New Clothes

There aren’t many women who can fit snuggly into their pre-pregnancy clothes when they go back to work. Trying to squeeze yourself into clothes that don’t fit anymore will just make you feel insecure- the last thing you need when you’re returning to work. Give your work wardrobe a makeover before you return. Not only will you look the part, but your new wardrobe will give you a confidence boost when you need it most.



Do Something New

Going back to work doesn’t mean having to return to a job you hate. If time away has given you some perspective and you’ve realized you aren’t cut out for what you’re currently doing, it could be time to make a change. Just because you’re a mother, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve new goals. For example, an online masters degree in communications could open up a whole world full of new opportunities. Of course, you should be realistic. It isn’t going to be easy starting from scratch, but nothing worth doing is easy.


Go Part-Time

For some mothers, the idea of leaving their baby for 40+ hours a week is too much to bare. You’ve both been used to being in each other’s company day in and day out and suddenly you have to part ways. It’s the reason many mothers choose to not return to work if they can afford it. However, if you haven’t got the option of not working, why not go back part-time? Cutting your hours means you still get to be with your baby for the majority of the week and still bring in an income.

Say No

No matter what kind of work you do, you probably go above and beyond at some point. Having a baby that relies on you means you haven’t got the spare time or energy to put extra work in. If you’re asked to do more than you should it’s okay to say no. Explain to your boss that your priorities lie somewhere else at the moment.


There’s no easy way to go back to work as a working mom but you will get through it and so will your baby.


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Jennifer is the owner of TWL Working Moms. She is a full time teacher, a mom & step mom, and NBCT Facilitator. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

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  1. With our first kid, I went part time for several months, but with the second one, I took full time and asked for hubby help in mymy home cores. Things got easier with his help.

    1. That’s a great idea – with two kids, you will definitely need help, especially when going back to work full time!

  2. This is such a big decision either way. These are great tips, and being prepared is so important. Being a first-time mom in particular is such a big change. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. It’s so true- you have no idea how much your life will actually change until after the baby is born and then attempting to go back to work.

  3. Although I couldn’t prepare emotionally, ever, these are great tips! Especially to learn how to say no! That’s always a difficult one for me.

  4. Saying no is so important to save your sanity, especially while you are still trying to adjust.

  5. It always amazes me after having a baby how your body changes and new clothes is so necessary. It’s also always different between pregnancies.

    1. Yes so true- i definitely wouldn’t wear the same things to work or even out of work that I used to wear prior to baby!

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