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8 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

We all witness different levels of stress or anxiety in our lives due to a variety of reasons.

We all witness different levels of stress or anxiety in our lives due to a variety of reasons. Stress isn’t always caused by negative factors, certain positives in our lives may contribute to anxiety. It could be a promotion at work or the welcoming in of a newborn. These can be demanding and challenging for an individual’s mental and physical well-being. Do people often ask about how to relieve stress quickly? My response is, “Although you may not be able to control the circumstances that you face daily, you can control how you respond to them.” There are numerous ways to relieve stress and anxiety. This article will discuss some of the ways to cope with anxiety or the ways to relieve stress. 

Feeling stressed or having anxiety? This article will discuss some of the ways to cope with anxiety or the ways to relieve stress. 

Below are seven ways to relieve stress:


Listening to Music

If you find yourself in stressful situations, listening to music is the best therapy for you. Listening to calm sounds has a positive effect on the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Research shows that calm music lowers blood pressure and reduces the cortisol level of the human body, a hormone associated with stress. Listening to music is one of the most effective ways to cope with anxiety.


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter decreases the cortisol levels in the blood. It relieves tension in people by relaxing the muscles. Laughter has the ability to trick your nervous system into improving your mood. Therefore, take some time off to relax by watching Comedy Central or comedy flicks. This will not just lower your stress level but also improve your mood. Laughter improves the immune system and the mood of an individual. Hey, those who called laughter the best medicine knew their onions after all.


Try Exercising

Exercise releases endorphins in the bloodstream. Many people have a wrong perception of what exercise is. They consider exercising to be heavy work such as lifting weights or running long distances. Taking a short walk within your vicinity qualifies as exercise. Take a few minutes walk during your lunch break to see how effective this can be in relieving stress. Remember endorphins from earlier? This is a substance that aids in making you feel much better. Exercise can also improve your quality of sleep, improve productivity and boost the well-being of your body.

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Sleep is the reset button we get daily. It’s common knowledge that stress can have adverse effects on your sleeping pattern. One of the key causes of stress includes sleep deprivation. It is thus imperative to get the needed 8 hours of sleep. This is very effective in reducing stress levels. Try some sleep as it works like magic.



Eating a balanced diet combats stress. People respond to stress by eating junk food; resultantly this increases their stress levels over time. Junk food may increase your blood sugar level and blood pressure or even result in a stroke. When the level of blood sugar drops, stress and anxiety levels get to increase. Eating healthy foods can help with supporting energy balance and mood regulation. 


This is a short term stress reliever. There are a variety of meditation techniques available, each with its own set of benefits and appeal. You can develop a certain mantra that you allow to play in your mind as you take in slow deep breaths. You can also stay in the moment, paying close attention to what visits your sense of sight, taste, touch or smell. Look into the bowl of meditation and pick what best suits you. 


Practice Yoga 

Yoga is a combination of meditation, controlled breathing and light exercise. All of which are effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Yoga has psychological, physical and spiritual benefits. Starting yoga requires little or no effort. All you need is a yoga mat and a smart device. You can also enroll for a yoga class online.

Having peace of mind is critically important for an individual’s happiness. Proper exercise, medication and healthy food can contribute to Tsunami Strain, a therapeutic effect that aids in relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety. These techniques also have a positive effect on your professional and family life.


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