3 Important Tips For An Effective Student Teacher Bond

Being a teacher is a noble profession.  It also extremely challenging because you are an influence on a lot of students who are going to learn from you. Every teacher wants to be the best because he/ she wants her many students to be the best as well. The position of a teacher is so influential that the profession has very little to zero room for any errors.  Many experienced teachers and experts at institutes that supply teachers in London, agree the most important step towards being a good teacher, is establishing a good bond with your students. So here are three important tips on how to establish better student teacher bond for effective teaching.


Know Your Students

Managing a class full of different individuals, who are in their young years looking forward to learning from you, can be a tough task.  Especially when each student has a different personality. Even though you have a diverse group of students, you should try your best to get to know each student. This way you understand them better and can eventually teach them better. The best way to know students is to tell them about yourself and then ask them to tell you about themselves. A two way communication will not make the students feel like they are under scrutiny. In turn, they will be able to talk to you more openly and honestly.

Once you create a student teacher bond, you can figure out their personalities and be able to understand better how to approach teaching in a way that the students will relate to.


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Give Personal Attention

Always try and give personal attention to students whenever possible. If a student is performing poorly in tests and lessons, instead of scolding try to understand why that student performed poorly. There are always underlying reasons to every human being’s behavior. Students might be going through something that they are not able to express or deal with. This is where the teacher should step in and try to understand the root cause of the problem by giving personal attention to students.

What They See is What They Learn

If you want to be respected and listened to as a teacher, then you have to do the same so that the students emulate what they see. Watch your body language and tone in class when you’re teaching. Children are bound to make mistakes, that’s why they are students and you’re the teacher. Try to handle situations in the classroom with grace.  Remember, whatever you’re doing in a classroom, this is setting an example for your students. If you maintain a positive energy in the classroom, you will see your students practice the same. So make sure that you are exposing your students to the best behavior and personality, so that they give you the same. You can’t expect respect from a student who you embarrassed in front of the whole class for a poor grade. 

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The objective of every teacher is to make her/ his students great human beings, but each student is different. It’s important to give students a fair chance to express themselves and form opinions. Students are extremely susceptible to getting influenced.  It becomes all the more important for teachers to ensure that they do not get influenced the wrong way. This means that teachers have to put their best foot forward and set brilliant examples for a student teacher bond.  




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