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7 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fight Depression

Depression is a state of the mind when it feels dejected and desolated. Although such kinds of issues are prevailing for many centuries, the modern times have promoted this culture like no other eras. At a time when work is the only important thing and not health, tension in the brain is quite normal. Life has become extremely challenging and defeats bring depression. When the spirit of a person is low, he needs to stand up on his own. Yoga is probably the best way to boosts one’s mental vitality and pave the way for a smooth life. Here are the seven most effective Yoga exercises to make you feel inspired and bounce back to life once again.


  • Adho Mukha Svanasana

One of the major reasons for getting depressed is inactivity that halts the flow of blood in the body. Adho Mukha Svanasana enables the circulation of blood throughout every body part. The pose is practiced on the toes and palms with the buttocks at the highest point. The body remains in the shape of a mountain, conical in structure. An intensive flow of blood takes place in the brain and other parts of the body such as abdomen, hips, thighs, etc. One feels extremely rejuvenated after practicing this asana. It is recommended to hold the body in this position for at least 5-10 minutes to enjoy an awesome state of happiness.




  • Paschimottanasana

Secondly, seated Forward Bend, as Paschimottanasana is known in English, is a fascinating Yoga exercise for bringing instant energy to the body. Along with calming the brain, the asana betters the functioning of human circulatory and nervous system. Practitioners of Paschimottanasana have shown a great sense of fighting with difficult conditions. The pose relieves back pain and is also an awesome way to improve stability in the body. Spread your legs in front of you while sitting with a straight spine on the mat. Making sure your knees remain elongated, bend forward to bring the nose near to the knees and touch your toes with the hands. This exercise is also very beneficial for strengthening the thighs as well as arms muscles.



  • Savasana

Savasana is all about feeling the composure of earth’s energy to remain stable throughout the day. It is also known as Corpse Pose and is one of the easiest Yoga poses to practice. You just have to lie down on the mat with all the body parts freed up. Close your eyes and imagine the beautiful world you are living in. This pose can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It is advised to give ample time to Savasana, at least 20-25 daily so that you can experience the maximum advantages of it. It will remove all kinds of strains from the mind.




  • Siddhasana

Siddhasana is a seated Yoga asana and is a great way to remove stressful elements from the mind. It replicates the position of a meditating body. To perform this asana, sit in Padmasana or the position of Shiva. Bring your wrists on the knees making sure the elbows don’t bend. Close your eyes to focus on the middle of the forehead. For bringing positive energy to the brain, you can utter a few mantras in the position. Apart from its mental benefits, the pose elongates the spine and gives a much-needed relief from neck pain as well.



  • Viparita Karani

Legs up the wall pose or Viparita Karani is not only a mind-pacifying Yoga asana but also a delightful physical activity. There are various ways in which Viparita Karani offers relief from depression and anxiety. It brings the body in a tranquil state and lets the mind feel the restful atmosphere Yoga creates around. In the pose, the thighs and pelvis make a right angle between them as the wall makes with the floor. The asana boosts blood pressure in the body, provides stability to the back and bolsters the thighs muscles.




  • Pranayama

Finally, pure air is the best thing one can inhale and Pranayama makes sure the body never feels the lack of oxygen. Pranayama is undoubtedly a breathing exercise but its effectiveness is much broader in size. The breath-based practice impacts the purity of blood in an extremely positive way, since regular inhaling and exhaling warms the red liquid to better its sterility. Everybody can enjoy the delight of Pranayama just by sitting in the easy pose and breathing in and out constantly for about 10-15 minutes. The more you breathe, the better is the blood circulation and mental health.





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