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Summer Skin Care Tips: How to Maintain Your Skin

Pampering skin in every season is a must!! The change in the weather brings in a lot of changes in the skin.   Whether it is summer, winter, or spring, it is important to take care of the skin so that it does not lose its charm.  Why?? Because it is one of the most prominent organs of our body. 

Among all the seasons, the terrifying one for the skin is the summer seasonThinking of flaunting your skin when the weather gets warmer demands proper consideration!!

So, you must nourish your skin, particularly in the summertime,  because the UV levels can play mischief with the bare skin. Following the right summer, skincare tips are significant to give your skin the love it deserves.

Although these killer rays may cause a sensation, the consequence of sunlight exposure may not be satisfactory over time. 

Hence, the best idea to avoid this problem is to prevent the harmful rays when you are out in the day; besides, the cloudy days also require proper sun protection.  By punching the fog, light colors, and mist, the sun rays can cause danger to the skin, and notably, its effect is accelerating every year.

The summer skincare tips, as mentioned in the blog, should be followed to maintain its natural balance and to protect from the excess heat.

How Does the Summer Season Hit Your Skin?

The rise in the temperature in the summer season with the heat and humidity boosts the movements of sebaceous glands. This result is making the drier skin looks more patchy and rough and oily skin more oiler.  

The heat lets more pores to get open; that when obstructed with the oil and dirt, trapping bacteria give rise to blemishes, acne, or pimples.

Also, the sun rays’ intensity makes the skin more tanned by giving birth to more melanin pigments. More Melanin implies darker skin, and with an addition of sunburned with aging, it results in cancer.

Hence, it is critical to intensify the heat and sun protection; also, managing the regular skincare routine and skincare tips are vital. Yes, it is complicated to know where to begin with while shifting to the products for the new season.

Therefore, for your convenience, we have a handful of summer skincare tips you should go within to protect your skin. Without any further ado, let’s get started!!


9 Best Summer Skincare Tips to Follow

Change your face Wash regularly

Clean your face regardless of the season periodically. As we know that the summer has a humid and hot climate, and face produces more oil comparatively, so changing the face wash is a necessity.

  • For the oily skin, the combination of glycolic acid and salicylic acid face wash works best in summers because these types of skin tend to get clog easily and results in acne. 
  • For dry skin, the non-soapy face is recommended because getting rashes and redness is normal with these skin types. Those who have sensitive or combination skin can also go with the same. 
  • For the normal skin, a gel-based face wash is more suitable.

Sunscreen is Important

Replace the last years’ sunscreen with the new one.  Note that the sunscreens do not last long; so, do not use it for much time.  Change the sunscreen with the weather change. 

Get a new sunscreen that has a higher SPF- but not much.  Purchase a sunscreen with UVB and UVA products with the SPF from the 30 to 70 range.  Apply it every after one to two hours to ensure that you are fully protected. Use the sunscreen on the shoulder, feet, neck, and hands.  



Do Not Forget Exfoliation

Summers do not work adequately to make your skin healthy, and it also does not heal the sunburns and irritation easily. 

Protect the skin these summers by exfoliating it properly and smoothly. It burnishes the dead skin cells and makes your skin brighter.

Using the homemade sugar scrubs are also great to exfoliate the skin. Also, you can scribe the skin simply with the washcloth. Assure that you are not over-exfoliating it. 


summer skin care products
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Hydrate Yourself With Water

Add it tip to your daily routine to take care of your skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water to hydrate your body.  Try to carry the bottle of water with yourself and drink the water every 30 mins. 

Water is a critical element in healthy skin tissue. It maintains your skin and keeps it radiant, soft, and supple.   It does not let you feel fresh but also limits dehydration and washouts maximum toxins from the body.

Minimal Makeup

Go easy with the makeup in the summer season. Let the skin breathe with minimal makeup. Heat suppresses, and humidity is already not letting your skin breathe and making it look stressful.  

If you cannot resist without foundation, then use a tinted moisturizer with the accurate SPF and make a layer with the face powder to evade the patchy spots. In addition, a tinted lip balm and classic lashes highlighting the eyes will create a subtle look this summer season.


Update the Moisturizer and Toner

Thinking that your skin does not require moisturizer is totally wrong. It does require every season. The difference is only that now the heavy moisturizer can be replaced with the light one. Get a lightweight, and greasy moisturizer that locks the enough moisturizes in your skin in the summer season.

At the same time, a good toner is also mandatory that keeps your skin clean and oil-free. It does not let the pores appear much. While using the toner, give more emphasis to the T-zone because it is that part of your face that holds more oil in the summer season. 


Feet is also Important

Ladies, winters are gone now, pack your boots and wear the sandals.  Feet is also a part of your body, and keeping them beautiful is also important.  

Go with pedicures and get it done at home only.  It eradicates the dead skin from your feet and beautifies it and makes it sandal-ready. 

Dry and dull feet look miserable in the attractive slippers.  Purchase a foot scrub and file the feet while showering and maintain a regular regime of scrubbing it. With time, you will notice a difference in the smoothness of the feet.




Do not ignore the eye area

The most delicate area of your face is the eye area that requires regular care. Another skincare tip here is that you can wear sunglasses. It reduces the chances of more occurrence of wrinkles all-around your face.

It is recommended to apply the eye cream to moisturize the area throughout day and night. Those creams that have honey, cucumber, and hyaluronic acid should be preferred. While massaging the eye areas, you are making the muscles relax.




Go with the Natural Remedies

Yes, the skincare products work wonderfully for your skin. But, do not forget that our kitchen has the best treatments to maintain the best skin in the summer season or we can say, any other season as well. 

The grated cucumber, coffee grounds, sea salt, plain yogurt, oatmeal, and turmeric are the known skincare products

Bring the cool mist and spray if after some hours to make your skin hydrated and feel cool. You can also create it at home by extorting the cucumber juice with the mint and water. Spritzing on your face gives relief, and it prevents the extreme itching and dryness of the skin.


summer skin care products
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Wrapping Up

Summer season comes with patches, rashes, dryness, and more irritable things. You can get rid of it by taking proper care and to make it look soothing and fresh. 

Pamper it, nourish it, and feel good. The summer skincare tips, as mentioned above, should be followed to maintain its natural balance and to protect from the excess heat. So, are you using any of these tips? If yes, then share your experience with us!! And if not, then, start using them today to make your skin flawless!!

Hopefully, you liked this article.  

If you have suggestions and queries related, then do share that with us.

Thanks for reading!

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