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4 Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Looking to hire employees? Or perhaps you’re looking for a job yourself? Maybe you’re even considering a job in recruitment? In all cases, it could be important to understand the role of recruitment agencies and the types of agencies that exist. 

Recruitment agencies all share one thing in common – which is to help connect the right job seekers with the right employers. However, different types of agencies may work with different types of job seekers and different types of employers. By doing research online, you can find out more information such as how Alex Gotch and other recruitment directors manage and run their businesses. This post explains more about the 4 main types of recruitment agencies to help you work out which is right for you.

Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Standard recruitment agencies

Your standard recruitment agency works with a range of different companies and candidates across different industries. They typically focus on filling basic roles rather than high-end roles. Standard recruitment agencies are only paid if they are able to find a successful candidate for a company (one that is hired). In other words, companies can use them for free advertisement and do not have to pay anything if the agency fails to find them a suitable candidate. 

Job seekers looking for everyday roles can benefit from using standard recruitment agencies; by simply typing something like “recruitment agency in Hereford” into your search engine you can find plenty of agencies and in turn a wide range of jobs. These agencies can not only help to find your vacancies but also act as free recruitment coaches, helping you to prepare for interviews and get your resume in order.

Working at a recruitment agency is ideal for anyone with great time-keeping and people skills. Having qualifications can help in many cases, although these don’t have to be HR-related qualifications. Some agencies may not require you to have qualifications at all.

Executive search agencies

When looking for top-end candidates to fill a high-level role, companies may use an executive search agency. These companies specialize in head-hunting only the best candidates, and so typically charge higher fees than a standard recruitment agency. Unlike a standard agency, they may even charge an upfront fee for their service.

Executive search agencies can benefit jobseekers who may be looking solely for a high-end job. Such job vacancies may not always be advertised through standard job boards and using an executive search agency may be your only chance in finding them.

Fancy a job as an executive search agent? Given that these agencies typically work with high-end companies and candidates, they typically look for agencies who already have recruiting experience or experience working in high-end roles, however, this isn’t the only way to get a job at such agencies. This guide to graduate executive search jobs offers a few more tips on what employers look for.

Industry-specific recruitment agencies

Some recruitment agencies specifically work within certain industries like healthcare, finance, music, or fashion. They help to link candidates looking for specific industry roles with suitable employers within that industry. In many cases, fees are charged to the employer. However, in some competitive industries, agencies may even charge job-seekers themselves for their service (as is sometimes the case with modeling). 

If you’re looking for a job in a specific industry, it may be worth using one of these agencies. You may even find exclusive jobs through these agencies that you can’t find in regular job ads or through regular agencies. 

To become an industry-specific recruitment agent, it helps to have some experience within that industry itself or a passion for that industry. 

Temp agencies

Sometimes companies need staff to work for a temporary period (such as covering someone on maternity leave or helping with the busy Christmas period). Temp agencies help to find temporary workers for these companies. In many cases, the temp agency pays the employees. However, each company they work with is charged a fee, which covers this.

A lot of job seekers try temping as a way to build up skills and experience – you get to work in lots of different industries and meet lots of different people. It’s not ideal if you’re fussy about which roles you’re willing to work or if you’re looking for a single stable job to work.

you will need to work closely with companies and temp workers to ensure that they are both satisfied. working with as many different employers and applicants, however, those that you do work with typically require more attention.


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