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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Erythritol as a Healthier Sugar

Working moms drink a ton of coffee. Usually with that coffee it is either a latte, mocha, or americano. If you are a 9-5er, there might be times you have more than one cup. That coffee or latte most likely has a ton of sugar. Ever since individuals realized how sugar has been affecting their health, they’re looking for alternatives. Some settled for honey, others went for stevia. However, there’s a growing trend towards using erythritol these days. Especially if you want to manage your blood sugar levels.

Erythritol is a substance found in certain fruits like melons and grapes. It is extracted from fermented food items. Although erythritol is sweet, it has less calories than sugar. This is why it’s gained popularity as a substitute for sugar.  Is whether it is safe or not? Not only is erythritol safe, it has numerous health benefits too. This article will share about what erythritol is and the benefits of it.


1. Has anti-diabetic characteristics

Unlike glucose, which raises the insulin levels of your body, erythritol in known for keeping your body’s insulin levels stable. For those with diabetes, this is an option. In addition, studies show that as much as 90% of erythritol is eliminated from your body through urine.  This makes erythritol a better choice than sugar.


2. Maintains weight and helps shed pounds

Secondly,  the fact that people who go on a diet, stop their sugar intake is no big news. Most individuals who can’t cut out sugar completely start relying on artificial sweeteners, especially in coffee. In this regard, erythritol proves to be an alternative since its glycemic index is quite low. This is why many people often use erythritol as a sugar alternative on the keto diet.


3. Leads to better dental health

Although erythritol is sweet as sugar, it doesn’t have the same effects sugar does on teeth. Erythritol is actually classified as sugar alcohol. This is an organic compounds derived from sugars but doesn’t contain the high amount of calories as sugar does.

When you consume regular sugar, bacteria break it down, turning it into acid that harms your teeth. However, bacteria can’t break down erythritol and damage to teeth is significantly reduced. Dental health friendly products in local grocery stores contain erythritol helping to improve dental health and hygiene.

The study was placed in a school with 485 students as participants. Students consumed candies made up of erythritol, xylitol and sorbitol, each day. Results showed students that consumed candies made up of erythritol, had less cavities than the rest of the students. In addition, other studies show that erythritol promotes dental and gum health.

4. Easy to digest and light on the stomach

Another great reason to make the switch to erythritol is that it’s a light ingredient and absorbs easily in your stomach. Other sweeteners such as xylitol, sucralose or sorbitol don’t completely get digested. Erythritol is found  90% dissolved in your gut.


5. Potent antioxidant activity

Finally, erythritol doesn’t stay in the stomach for too long and is quickly excreted through urine. It reduces inflammation in organs such as your kidneys, livers and intestines. This substance reduces symptoms like constipation, acidity and ulcers. If you have stomach related problems,  erythritol is your go to.


Final words:

Over the last couple of years, erythritol has gained a lot of momentum as a sugar substitute. From teeth decay prevention to keeping weight-gain at bay, there are many benefits of it.  After going through the advantages, do you think you will make the switch?


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