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What Fitness Moms Need Know About Kinesiology Tape

When you are a fitness lover, when we get older, somethings we can push ourselves too hard and injuries occur. Kinesiology tape, also known as Kinesio Tape or K-tape, was created and developed in 1973 by Dr. Kenzo Kase. It is effective in relieving a variety of sports, athletic and musculoskeletal injuries. The tape benefits different inflammatory conditions and helps in a wide range of injuries. Athletes commonly use this tape to prevent injury, improve injury and recover faster. Let’s find out more details about this medicinal tape.


What is the kinesiology tape?

The Kinesio Tape is made of hypoallergenic cotton fiber, and it is latex-free. Do your research on the specific brand that would work best for you.

Kinesiology Tape

The purpose of kinesiology tape

The purpose is to induce positive physiological effects on the several body systems such as the lymphatic, neural, muscular, fascial and circulatory systems. Kinesio tape also helps in improving posture and movement patterns. The purpose of using this tape is to create a bridge across the injured areas so that the athletes can perform the sports movements and get support for the injured part of their body.


Applying kinesiology tape

Here are the step by step instructions:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your skin is clean and dry and is free from any ointments or lotions. Also remove any hair if any
  • To prepare the tape, cut out the edges and remove the backing. Make sure that the anchor points come in contact with the skin only, as it won’t stick to any other medicinal tape you might be wearing

Kinesiology Tape

How does the kinesiology tape work?

When the tape is applied, it pulls the upper layers of the skin, and as a result, there is more space between the muscles and the dermis layer. Because of the created space, there is lower pressure on the lymph channels and more freedom for the lymph flow and drainage.

Increased space allows greater contractility for the muscles and thus leads to improved muscle performance.


Who makes use of kinesiology tape?

An increasing number of professional athletes are using kinesiology tapes to improve their sporting performance even during injuries. Certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and manual therapists around the world use this tape to treat joint disorders, turf toes and other conditions. It is not just the athletic people who make use of the tape, but the non-athletic individuals also who make use of the K-tape to receive benefits.  Using this tape also helps to improve the joint alignment and functioning.  Kinesiology taping works by relieving pressure on pain receptors and bring in lasting relief.


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