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5 Ways Moms Can Keep Their Kids Safe in the Car

If you’re a mom, your priority is almost certainly protecting your kids. You want them to grow up strong and capable, and that means watching over them. That way, you can say when they go out on their own that you did your job and gave them the best success chance. Keeping your kids safe in the car is one of the most critical things to do. There are some inherent vehicular dangers, but there are also ways to counteract them. Here are five child car safety tips for watchful mothers.

If you’re a mom, your priority is almost certainly protecting your kids. Here are five child car safety tips for watchful mothers.

Get Them the Right Car Seat

There was a Forbes magazine report that said you’ll most likely experience a car accident every eight years. That means it’s pretty likely your kids will experience one too.

That’s distressing, because:

  • You don’t want your kids getting hurt
  • You don’t want them to go through that trauma

You can never control what another driver does, but you can get the right car seat for your child if they’re that age. To pick the right one, go over some online reviews. Familiarize yourself with the best brands and models.

Also, make sure that you strap your child in the right way, every time. That way, if there’s an accident, your little one has the best chance of making it through okay.


Don’t Allow Anything to Distract You

You can also make sure that your children are safe by not allowing anything to draw your attention. That might include:

Often, car crashes occur because the driver starts to focus on something else besides the road in front of them. Perhaps you’re trying to get a particular album to play from your collection. Maybe you’re in the middle of a heated Bluetooth conversation with your mother in law.

That’s a perfect car accident recipe. If you commit to focusing only on the road, it is much less likely that you will make a costly mistake.

keeping kids safe in the car

You Can Make Sure They Always Wear Their Seatbelts

Once your child is old enough that they no longer need a car seat, that’s when they can start wearing a seatbelt for the first time. They’ll probably feel proud that they have reached this grownup milestone.

You should try to enforce the notion that wearing a seatbelt is mandatory and never optional. You can show them stats that reveal what happens when someone does not wear their seatbelt. Even a minor accident can then have lethal consequences.

If you can teach them to make it a habit, you’ll keep them safe, and you’ll feel much better when they eventually start driving.


You Can Never Drink Before You Drive

You can make sure that you never drink or use recreational drugs before driving with your kids in the car. These are good habits anytime, but if your kids are in the car with you, they’re even more vital.

If you’ve been drinking a little, but you think you’re still under the legal limit, even then, it is not a good time to drive. If you know you’re going to drive, refrain from having any alcohol at all. That way, you won’t accidentally be slightly over the legal limit if the police pull you over or you’re in an accident.

You can make a point of talking to your kids about drinking and driving dangers as well.


You Can Set a Good Example for Them

As your child grows, they will probably emulate you in many ways. That includes your driving behaviors, both good and bad.

If your child sees that you take a cavalier attitude about things like drinking and driving, seatbelt wearing, speeding, or tailgating, they’ll think there’s nothing wrong with doing those things.

It might surprise you how perceptive kids are, even at a young age, and how much they remember. A child might recall that their mom never broke the speed limit, and they’ll continue the tradition when they’re an adult.

In all of these ways, you can protect your child when they’re in the vehicle with you. These are simple but effective ways to watch over them and demonstrate that you’re a responsible parent.


If you have older kids driving now, make sure to talk with them about safety if they take their younger siblings for a drive. Make sure they know that they’re responsible for those younger siblings’ safety, and they should conduct themselves just the same way you would.


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