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3 Reasons You Need To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is quickly approaching. Most parents are unsure of how this year’s celebrations will go. But let’s be frank; the way 2020 has gone? You need to celebrate Halloween this year, and here’s why….

Halloween is quickly approaching. Most parents are unsure of celebrations. You need to celebrate Halloween this year, and here's why....

Nearly every holiday has been ruined so far…

Covid-19 hit about the time of spring break, and everyone ran to the safety of their homes for shelter in place. Sure, spring break isn’t that big of a deal. For most of us, the kids were home anyway. Just another opportunity to catch up on spring cleaning, and spend some downtime with the family. And then the children never returned to school…

Since then, coronavirus has put a stop to most holiday celebrations! No Easter Egg Hunts at church. No 4th of July neighborhood barbecues. If you were lucky enough to try to spend Memorial Day hitting the stores for shopping, they were at a limited capacity.

Do we really want to give up Halloween too? I’m not saying throw a huge block party, but let’s not cast the holiday aside when your family has sacrificed enough. Halloween should still be celebrated and enjoyed, even if you skip the annual costume party itself.


The Kids Look Forward To It All Year…

Christmas is hands-down, every child’s favorite holiday. It’s bad enough Santa finds ways to barge into all the other holidays by appearing in stores earlier and earlier. But Halloween is a very close second not just for kids, but adults alike!

When graduations, birthday parties, and family reunions have been put on hold (or forgotten altogether), we need to celebrate Halloween more than ever. It’s fun, and it’s a break from what’s become mundane. Not to mention it’s an opportunity to have a sense of normalcy in an otherwise fragmented, vague recollection of how life used to be before Lockdown.


We Don’t Know How Future Halloween’s Will Look…

Hindsight is 20/20. I believe every person living in the time of this current pandemic has learned this lesson the hard way. Think about the last time you attended a party, went to a theme park, or even just shopped at a crowded mall? If you knew it would be the last time for a while; would you have done anything differently?

No one could have anticipated how Covid-19 would affect our day-to-day lives. Sure, maybe you’re not one for huge social gatherings. But even accepting the fact that in order to remain healthy and safe, means staying home, is a hard pill to swallow.

What we know of traditional Halloween festivities may soon be a thing of the past. Children may one day no longer be allowed to trick-or-treat, for fear of germs. Honestly, much scarier and more realistic than suspecting there are drugs in their candy, but let’s not get too far off-topic. Haunted Houses could disappear, no more Fall Festivals or even Hay Rides permitted.

If you have any kind of chance to celebrate Halloween as we formerly knew it, take it. It might be the last time before current circumstances make some of your favorite Halloween traditions a thing of the past.

celebrate halloween this year

Ok, but how do we celebrate Halloween while social distancing?

Where there is a will, there’s a way! And it doesn’t require completely reverting back to the old ways before the “new normal” to achieve it. Just a few adjustments!

You can still have scary movie nights with the family. Let the kids pick a few Halloween classics as well as new editions. Dressing up in Halloween costumes can still be fun (just make sure all costumes, even if you order from Amazon Prime are disinfected). A lot of areas are still planning trick-or-treating!

You may need to warn your kids they are likely to get pelted with candy via a slingshot if said “treat-ees” don’t have one of those nifty candy-chutes made from PVC pipe. But hey, that’s part of the fun and mischief of the Holiday! I mean, getting beaned in the head with a KitKat can’t hurt that bad, right(let’s call it “building character”)?

Or just buy your own candy, hide it around the house, and trick your lil treaters into cleaning as they go, because this also builds character, and teaches work ethic. Let’s kill two birds with one stone…

Lots of haunted houses have been converted to drive-throughs so families don’t have to leave their car. And who said you can’t throw your own decorated Halloween party just for the people in your home?


The point is, don’t let Halloween become totally ruined for the Kids…

We all need a sense of normal life, especially now. We missed out on so many wonderful opportunities to be with others, participate in activities, and live life as we know it.

Don’t cast Halloween aside completely. Let the kids have fun and forget what’s going on in the world, if just for one ghoulish night.


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Jasmine Hewitt

Jasmine is a wife to a former member of the USMC, and mother to one wonderful little boy. When she isn’t chasing a toddler, she blogs at LoveLifeLaughMotherhood.com

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  1. I agree! There’s so many fun and safe ways to celebrate this year. Lots of different events are being extra safe and finding fun ways to celebrate while staying safe

  2. These are great! And hilarious!! I dont know why I feel like Halloween will be okay this year. The kids will likely have masks on, they wont be congregating (like, do they ever? Because we’ve always waited until the previous family leaves the approach a door anyway), and therefore, they wont be breathing on each other.

  3. YES! I have been trying to find a balance between keeping my family safe, while trying to make things as normal as possible for my kids. It is so hard.

  4. We’ve actually never celebrated Halloween for religious reasons, but we love making a big deal over Thanksgiving and Christmas instead :-).

  5. We are definitely adjusting our plans a bit. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and my kids have been asking if they are going to be able to celebrate. My daughter always loves crafting her own costumes. And my kids are now 10 and 15 so they are at the ages where they are going to outgrow trick or treating soon. Somehow some way I’m going to find a way to keep Halloween fun and safe this year.

  6. I agree completely! We are not trick or treating this year but we will have a cute little celebration.

  7. while my kids are both in high school now, i know we will miss that usual Halloween-in-the-air this year, and simply watching trick or treaters as we join them to see decorations.. but yes, there are so many ways to celebrate despite it all..

  8. This year’s holidays may be a little different but I do believe it is still worth celebrating! ❤️

  9. True, kids have been waiting for this special for a long time. You have shared great tips to Celebrate this day.

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