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What Does Deep Clean REALLY Mean?

Seeing as we’re well into Spring now, it might be time to get that spring cleaning you’re putting off done! However, before you do, make sure you’re doing your part in keeping our surroundings clean right now – you’re going to have to deep clean like never before!

But what does this mean exactly? Well, deep cleaning is different to traditional cleaning in quite a few ways, but none of them are particularly complicated! And with that in mind, here’s some points to keep in mind about what deep cleaning really means.

Cleaning your home is a lot of work! But everyone once in a while, your home requires a deep clean. What does that mean? Read on to find out.

Cleaning Areas You Often Forget About

We all forget about one or two things when cleaning our homes, but a deep clean puts a stop to ignoring them forever! You’ll need to put a bit of elbow grease into your jobs here, as you’ll be moving big items and stretching to get those hard-to-reach areas as well.


For example, you’ll be pulling out appliances to clean behind and under them, as well as use a step ladder to finally reach those hard-to-dust areas on the ceiling, and wash items like AC filters and window drapes, which usually just wouldn’t cross your mind at all.


Using Stronger Cleaning Methods


You’re not just going to use a bit of dish soap and a cloth here – you’ve got to break out the real cleaning tools to make sure those surfaces are properly sanitised! Mostly, you’re not going to want to keep any of the cloths you use during a deep clean, so make sure you’re fine with throwing them away once you’re done – don’t invest in anything too expensive here.


Instead, buy some more pricey cleaning solutions, if you can’t make any of your own. Opt for antibacterial products most of all, and try to use enzyme based cleaners for floors and walls, especially if you have pets in the house too.


And you also have the option to enlist some serious outside help too. Get in touch with some proper Disinfecting Services and you’ll have professionals on hand to offer both advice and the perfect materials, if you’re seriously worried about the current cleanliness of your home.

deep cleaning


What To Do Next

Now that you’re better aware of what a deep clean is, where do you go? Well, you make a plan! Mostly this means you’ll make a list of what you need to clean, but get online as well and look up reviews of strong cleaning materials, and put a shopping list together as well. There are many, safer alternatives to bleach on the market, especially where toilet cleanliness is involved!


A deep cleaning of your home needs to happen at least twice a year, to make sure you’re not living in dirt and grime without even knowing it. Make sure you break out the strong germ killer and a pack of microfiber cloths at the very least, as they’ll make all the difference in ensuring your deep clean is as deep as it needs to be!



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