Which Type of Learning Best Suits Your Child?

There are several different types of learner, and this applies whether you are a child starting school or an adult who hasn’t used algebra in twenty years. The type of learner you are impacts what you find difficult to learn and what you find easier to learn. For example, if you learn through visual mediums like video, artwork, and interactive digital applications, then sitting down with a teacher droning on will be hard for you.

On the other hand, if there is an explainer video, you will learn the subject matter quickly. The question then becomes which type of learning best suits your child to help them gain the upper hand.

Not all children learn either at the same pace nor in the same way. Finding the right type of learning style to match your child’s needs gives them a head start.


What are the Different Types of Learning

Many teachers employ a vast array of learning types and styles to help their children pass their exams. The different types of learning your child’s teacher might employ include the following.

Visual Learners/Spatial Learners

Visual learners are those children who learn best through television, reading, or looking at pictures. Making flashcards of words will help visual learners pick up new words faster. Reading will help with spelling and even memory.

Aural Learners/Auditory Learners

Aural Learners are the children who are best suited to hearing the lesson, while the teacher explains it. They do not necessarily need pictures or accompanying demonstrations to help them learn better, although a teacher who speaks well and uses these extra add-ons might suit an auditory learner best. An adaptation of the Auditory Learning style lies in verbal and linguistic learners, who prefer to talk about the subject matter in order to convert it to long term memory.

Kinaesthetic Learners/Physical Learners

Physical learners are also known as practical learners. These are the children which can’t quite figure out what the maths teacher means with all those numbers. However, give them a mock cash register and show them how to operate it, and they will lead the class.

Logical Learners

Logical Learners are best in logical subjects. They will shine in science and mathematics, perhaps not doing quite so well in the arts. To help a logical learner, break each subject down into parts like stepping stones.

Social Learners

A social learning child will gather information from the experience of playing with other children. All children have a touch of social learning. Home schooling can threaten this. Social learning includes understanding social queues, learning through rhymes, or singing the alphabet.

How do you Know Which Type of Learner You Are?

There are studies into using the Meyers-Briggs personality tests for learning efficiently. You can also deduce which type of learner you or your child is by testing the means of learning mentioned earlier and seeing which works best for you. If you can easily memorize using one of the preferred learning type techniques, then this is the type of learning which suits you.


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