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Why BeaRegards Has a Great Gift for Pregnant Women and Military Families

Trying to find unique gifts for friends and family are sometimes hard to do. If you are looking for a gift for a baby shower, following a registry, doesn’t give you much of a chance to get a unique gift for friends and family. Have a friend whose husband is deploying? Looking for a unique gift for them as well? BeaRegards is your website to shop at. BeaRegards is a website owned and operated by a Veteran and they have some great products that you might not know about.

I kind of fell in love with this company because it hits home for so many reasons. I love their bears, they are adorable, but because I am a military spouse and live so far away from family, my daughter loves their bears because Grandma recorded her voice on it and she gets to hear Grandma’s voice whenever she wants. Now that also hits home too being a military spouse, when parents deploy, I know how hard it is for their kiddos, so having a bear that they can squeeze and hear mommy or daddy’s voice is really an amazing thing to have, especially when they are feeling sad.

Recordable Bear

These adorable stuffed animals have a recorder that parents or grandparents can record a saying on it and then put the recorded voice into the stuffed animal for the child to keep. teachworkoutlove.com

Womb Beats Recordable Companion Bears

 These stuffed animals makes great baby shower gifts or baby heartbeat ultrasound keepsake. Great features and soft fabric will make this a favorite of anyone. Voice recorder fits into pouch in back of animal. Express your wishes to be heard with every hug of this cute lamb.teachworkoutlove.com
Use the cute bears to record your baby’s heartbeat with any home fetal heartbeat monitor. The recorder is digital, and will hold the sound even when the batteries are changed. Recorder may be locked to keep the message preserved forever. Children’s Hospitals have been using the bears to record heartbeats for their parents as well. It’s pretty amazing what a stuffed animal can do for adults and children.

Military Bears with Special Clothing

When family members deploy, this is a great way to have a recorded message from the family member who deployed and a child can hear their voice any time they want by pressing the bear’s stomach. They come in military, Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force. These are great gifts for families of parents deploying where they can record their voices on the bear. 

*Coming Soon* Recordable Cards

If you are looking for great unique gifts for friends and family members, BeaRegards.com is your place. Stuffed animals are easy to find, but having an adorable stuffed animal where you can record your voice on it, that is priceless.


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