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Important Tips for Moms on Car Maintenance for Spring

Spring has arrived and it is time to spring clean the house, get rid of old clothes, and mostly getting your car ready for the nice weather to come. Families are getting ready for vacations, summer trips, sports games, and road trips during this time of year and it is important to getting your car ready for all of the upcoming events.

Always so often being busy moms we leave the car to the very last moment that it needs to be fixed or we wait until something is actually broken to go and take care of it. Coming up upon a busy season it’s time to get your car prepared for spending more time away.

After interviewing the owner Miles Vierck at AutoCraft in Spokane, Washington, he gave a few tips for suggestions of preventative maintenance for your car this upcoming spring and summer. These are incredibly useful tips that can help busy moms move smoothly through the warmer months.


Maintenance Tips for Cars For Moms for the Spring:

Stay up to date on Preventative Maintenance. Make sure to get oil changes every 5,000 miles and bring your car to a location that does a vehicle safety inspection. Preventative means that you are taking care of your car so nothing dangerous happens and becomes costly. Having your car break down and then towed does not fit well into any schedule. Did you know that AutoCraft will provide you with a free car service for the day while they are fixing your car? They also have a 24,000 mile warranty at any Napa Auto Care Center across the nation.

Find a shop that you like. It is important when you are dropping off your car for maintenance that the shop you go to make you feel comfortable and the employees are nice. You would be surprised how many shops don’t have friendly employees! AutoCraft has a great team on their staff and the minute you walk in, you can tell the place is well cared for. They are also a AAA approved shop and awarded the Top Shop Award for the past 10 years for a reason!

Find a shop that you trust. When you find an auto shop that you trust, you know they have your best interest at heart and are not just trying to sell you everything and anything.



Remove the snow tires. The deadline to take off your studded snow tires in Spokane and Washington State is March 31st. If you are in another state, make sure to Google “snow tire regulations” in your state. It is recommended by AutoCraft’s owner Miles Vierck that even if your snow tires aren’t studded, regular snow tires should be taken off at the same time. Although they can run all year long, however, these tires are made of a softer rubber that can wear out quicker than regular tires, potentially causing tires to become flat or pop easier.


Taking these preventative measures can help stop any problems with a car. Being a busy mom, there is no time in your schedule for a flat tire or an engine not starting. While preparing your car for spring, there are some important items that you might want to check to see if they are in your car and if not, restock them.

Items to keep in cars at all times:

First Aid Kit

-Emergency Blanket

-Jumper Cables

-Spare Tire and that it is inflated  (AutoCraft checks this every time you come in!)



If you missed the most recent Small Business Spotlight article on AutoCraft Spokane, grab your coffee and read that one too!


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