Why You Should Work Through College

Okay so before you comment shouting – we know the preference is to not work during college years and just focus on getting through the degree. We would all prefer to avoid working when we could be spending those extra hours studying or sleeping. Working during college has a ton of advantages, though, and it’s something that you may not have a choice but to consider. If you have enough savings – or a very generous family – who can support you as you learn, you won’t have to worry about this too much.


If not, and you have to work, it becomes an easier pill to swallow if you know that you are working for a good reason. You can work to understand how to avoid student debt – because you’ll be paying for college as you go. You can gain excellent work experience and learn how to manage your time more efficiently, too. You might not have to work full time, but you can learn how to add in some shifts and reduce your level of debt. So, why should you work through college? Let’s take a look!

Working during college has a ton of advantages, though, and it’s something that you may not have a choice but to consider. Here's why:

Avoiding debt.

Whether we’re talking tuition fees or we’re talking about reducing the amount of debt for your living costs, you can learn to avoid debt simply by ensuring you work a few hours per week. Making student loan payments isn’t easy, but if you can avoid your student debt by chipping away at it early, it’ll make a huge difference to you!


Gaining experience.

As a new graduate, you’re off the deep end trying to find a job without experience, but it’s the ultimate catch-22: you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to build experience! Don’t wait until you graduate; get a job now and you’ll find a graduate job easier to snare.

Later on in life, if you ever want to retrain or pick up a slightly different qualification, you can use your experience here in both working and learning to take on a Recognition of Prior Learning course. You’ve done it once before, and you managed to put all that effort in, so this will be a walk in the park for you!


Managing your time.

Pull some Houdini moves to get up and get motivated to learn while also timing yourself so that you can juggle your working hours, but this juggle is the best one that you can have. You need to get off your phone and get out of bed and while you won’t be motivated to do it at first, think about what you’re going to gain from it!


Grades will improve.

There are some students that see a great improvement in their grades when they begin working. This is because they’ve learned how to segment their time correctly, but too many hours of work can have a negative effect on your ability to study as you’ll be too tired. You need to think about how many hours you can handle vs how many you should

working through college

You’ll be able to network.

There’s now a network of people to rely on when you are going through college and your job can be the first step in networking with the right folks. Even the simplest job gives you a good reference for an internship later!


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