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Yoga Tips for Newbies You Should Know

Yoga is an exercise like no other. Moat workouts can be more stressful than they are worth, however yoga is a way to stay fit, flexible and happy, as well as to look after your mental health and wellbeing. Whether you are a tired mum or a corporate go getter, yoga is accessible to everyone and can be a great workout option for you this year. Whether you choose to head to a yoga studio or stay at home in your living room, today we are going to take a look at how you can make the most of yoga tips for newbies to the sport.



Know your limits

A common misconception when practicing yoga is that if you cannot reach the full extent of a stretch, you are doing it wrong. This is not the case, and no matter where your flexibility ends, you can still make the most of a yoga stretch in any form it takes. When it comes to stretching, always listen to your body and never force yourself further than you comfortably can. It is better to take a long while to stretch your body to the desired stretch than to try too hard and hurt yourself right away.




Stretching technique is important for your yoga practice, but one thing which is just as important is your breathing. Breathing calmly and evenly is important when practicing yoga because it will allow you to pump enough oxygen around the body and into your muscles. Make sure that you take the chance to breathe evenly and calmly during every single movement.

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Don’t compare yourself

Everyone is different. When watching another person stretching or completing a flow, they will likely have a vastly different ability to you. There is never a reason to compare yourself to someone else when doing yoga because this is a workout which highly depends on your own unique flexibility and posture. You might be able to touch your toes while your friend cannot, but they might be able to do the splits when you cannot. Everyone is different and yoga is very much about focusing on yourself and your needs.


Have a sense of humor

Let’s face it: some yoga poses are funny to do and funny to look at. This is an important yoga tip for newbies. No one can seriously get into the happy baby pose without a smile on their face and this is something which can make your session more fun. It is important to have a sense of humor in yoga because there will be times when you fall over on your face or mess things up. Make a joke out of these mistakes and have some fun trying to do more challenging poses such as plow or headstands.

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Take photos

It can be harder than you think to notice progress when doing yoga. If you aim to be flexible and complete a certain pose, you might feel unmotivated if you don’t feel a change in your body after a few weeks or months. Taking photos every month will help to show you exactly where you are progressing, even if you can’t feel it right away, and this can help you find the motivation to keep trying. These yoga tips for newbies can really help you succeed and enjoy yoga more.



Don’t Forget Your Yoga Essentials

When doing yoga, there are a few essentials you need for a more comfortable workout. Proper yoga attire, which usually consists of leggings and nonrestrictive clothing, will help you feel more comfortable when you’re exercising. A yoga mat is also helpful to prevent bruises when you have to maintain poses for some time.

You can do some yoga-like stretching for your feet even when you’re lounging around and watching TV with a toe stretcher. A toe stretcher gently stretches your toes to loosen tight ligaments and muscles the feet and to help soothe foot aches and discomfort.


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