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5 Easy & Fun Summer BBQ Ideas for Moms

Summer is finally here and we are getting ready to have some healthy snacks outside this weekend because the weather is finally nice out! We love sitting outside and eating lunch or having a picnic and dinner and even having friends over, since we finally can! In order to make the best of our time together, we need to have amazing snacks because it has been a long time since we have hung out in person! Need some ideas on how to have a barbecue party at your very own BBQ grill island at home? We’ve got you covered! Read on find out more about how to make your summer BBQs fun!

Trying to prepare a easy & fun summer BBQ for friends and family? We have the best summer BBQ ideas for you this year and how to pull it off!

Have great snacks

The key to having a successful barbecue with friends and/or family is to have great snacks. In order to start the BBQ out right, the snacks come out and everyone joins around them to and starts eating. Then comes out the drinks, the music and entertainment! Hidden Valley’s ranch and Ready to Eat dip are the key to a successful table full of snacks. Not only is it easy to put together, but it is tasty and healthy for everyone, even the kids, to eat. Going to a party and having to find things for your children to eat is frustrating, so having out all sorts of veggies that you can dip into ranch is the perfect healthy snack for everyone to eat before their meals.

Along with always having Hidden Valley’s Ranch out, cut up veggies, put out pretzels and almonds, put out fruit snacks and trail mix for the kids, and then add anything else your guests brought! Having lots of dipping options is the best way to go. With the different options of dipping and snacks to dip with, it gives your guests a ton of options to eat. Having tons of options is the best case scenario at a BBQ because then there is no pressure of when to start making the actual dinner meal.

Hidden Valley Ranch dip


Lots of outdoor entertainment

Another fun idea is to have some outdoor entertainment! There are so many summer activities for kids, but what about adults? Badminton, Cornhole, outdoor Jenga, and more! These are just some ideas. For kids? Trampolines are always a summer favorite. Break out the sprinklers, tee ball stands, set up a portable volleyball net, grab some extra chalk! Nothing wrong with having too many ideas for kids to play with outside! Making your backyard as fun as possible without overdoing it is the perfect solution to throwing the best summer BBQ.


bbq outside for the summer
Photo by Caio from Pexels

Burgers and salads

What is a BBQ without burgers and side salads? No BBQ at all! Especially not a summer one. A specific ingredient for a fun summer BBQ is to make sure to have burgers and side salads with all of the toppings out. Almost like a burger and salad bar in your own kitchen. Putting everything out on the counter or table inside helps keep away the bugs and allows everyone to pick what they want for dinner. Win win for everyone. It leaves the table available outside for guests to sit and eat their dood. Paper plates are key in this easy and fun BBQ. No one wants to be doing dishes afterwards.


bbq burgers and salads
Photo by Jo Jo on Unsplash

Have a themed BBQ

Who doesn’t love a themed party? One of our favorite themed parties is a Hawaiian party. There are a ton of decorations that go with this theme that are easy to find. Sticking with the idea of having an easy to prepare and fun BBQ, Hawaiian makes it easy for everyone to either come dressed up or for the host to find the perfect decorations. What about an inflatable Palm tree cooler? Amazon has it!

Play good music

Having an outdoor barbecue means that you need some good music to go along with it too. Most important, having a wireless bluetooth speaker is key. Listening to music off of your phone’s speaker will not do. Depending on the theme of your party, or the guests that you have over, find an awesome station on Pandora or Spotify to play all night. Trying to find music during the party is a time consuming thing, so have this done beforehand.


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This post was sponsored by Hidden Valley as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

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  1. Amazing bbq ideas! I can’t wait to get the family together with good food and entertainment!

    1. Yes! We have to make it a good one since we haven’t seen each other for a while.

      1. Woohoo! I can’t wait until we can have some good weather and then have our bbq outside again!

  2. My daughter and I love eating sweet peppers dipped in ranch, such a delicious and healthy snack! Thanks for all the helpful tips, I love throwing a summer BBQ!

  3. Oooh, how I wish we could all gather around as usual and have a great barbecue. There is still a long way to go, but I hope soon we could at least meet with our brothers and celebrate not seeing each other in a while. Thank you for all the great tips!

  4. We are definitely going to be doing a lot of BBQs this summer. Love these ideas!

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