5 Great Tips For Gatwick Family Holidays in 2020

There are several reasons that Gatwick Airport is Britain’s launchpad of choice for family holidays. Although not initially visible, this is an airport that has quite a lot to offer.

For starters, its south east setting means it’s a stone’s throw from London and the European mainland, but it feels more manageable than its larger competitor Heathrow. Avoiding crowds is simply a lot easier at Gatwick. At Heathrow you can expect a whole lot more stress due to the size of the airport and the number of daily flights.

However, serving 46.1 million passengers in 2018 means its no slouch, and its biggest carrier EasyJet is a budget family vacation specialist carrying 18.7 million people annually to dynamic locations around the world. This practically means you can expect great service.

If you’re thinking of flying from Gatwick next year, you might need some savvy advice on where to go and how to organize the perfect pre-flight experience – so we’ve gathered together five great tips for Gatwick family holidays in 2020 to help you out! Let’s make your vacation a perfect one.

If you're flying from Gatwick next year, you might need some savvy advice. Here's five great tips for Gatwick family holidays in 2020 to help you out!  TWL Working Moms

Pick a destination

When you’re starting from scratch, pick a destination from the Gatwick flight map – you’ll see that there’s a mind-boggling choice of holiday hotspots, from Amsterdam and Barcelona to Kathmandu and Beijing. Choose something that is just as you want it to be. Do you want to go to an exotic vacation spot? Maybe your interest is a mountain-based ski lodge. No matter the case, you will find what you want.

Whether you want a city break for a few days or a long-haul family holiday of a lifetime, Gatwick is one of the world’s best starting points. There is definitely no shortage of available destinations from the airport.


Suss out family facilities

If you don’t do your research, keeping your familial troop together and feeling tip-top prior to boarding can feel trickier than tying your shoelaces with tweezers. You should never underestimate the difficulty of having a large family deal with boarding.

But luckily, Gatwick is well appointed with family facilities – you’ll find dedicated family lanes in security with specially trained staff, the opportunity to buy baby milk at Boots, lots of accessible restaurants, kids zones with TVs and games, and baby changing facilities galore. Be aware of what you need so you can plan appropriately.


Choose a child-friendly carrier

Naturally, your choice of airline might be slightly restricted by which destination you’re flying to, but if you do have a choice, select a child-friendly carrier from this Daily Mirror List. It is better to work with those airlines that have facilities and services designed for entire families.

Qatar Airways and Emirates top the chart, but BA and Virgin were also highly-rated, while even low-fare specialist jet2.com was praised for comfy seats. By weighing up availability, price and features, you can find the best option for you and your loved ones. Do not sacrifice on the quality of the flying experience you will get when you fly.


Gatwick hotels

If you’re traveling from slightly further afield to take advantage of an awesome Gatwick package deal, you might want to spend the night before your flight relaxing in an airport hotel – especially if your impending flight lasts longer than two or three hours. Alternatively, you can just relax at the various facilities that are offered by the Gatwick hotels.

Chilling out in an affordable hotel ensures everyone in your family party is in fine form when they board the flight – there are several to choose from, but TripAdvisor has recent, independent, user ratings and reviews. Use them to make a really informed decision. Obviously, you can go for a more thorough research when you want to get more information.

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Gatwick parking

Depending on where you’re based, you can reach Gatwick via public transport – but when your traveling party includes small children, teenagers and elderly relatives, a seemingly simple trip can soon transform into a terrible trek. The larger the family, the more difficult the trek is going to be!

So it’s better to book Gatwick Airport parking at Looking4.com and cruise there in the comfort of your own car if you want a more pleasant pre-flight experience. It practically means that you can get there with your transportation and part the vehicle while you are away. When you get back, you can just hop back into your car and be on your way home.

Follow these five tips and your 2020 Gatwick holiday will be a blissful break to remember! This is a certainty that cannot be denied.

Share your own Gatwick family holiday tips in the comments section – we can’t wait to hear from you. We are sure that you have some tips and tricks that will help other people traveling with their entire family.


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