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Getting Into Exercise: Tips For First-Time Fitness Moms

You only have to pick up a magazine or turn on the TV to see that health and fitness are the subjects du jour in January. After the indulgence of the holidays, many of us embark upon a mission to get in shape and look after our bodies and minds. Getting back into the swing of exercising frequently can be difficult. But what about if you’re a first-timer who is new to fitness? If you’re looking to get fit, here are some tips to help you take those all-important first steps.

Are you a first-time fitness mom who is new to fitness? If you’re looking to get fit, here are some tips to help you take those all-important first steps.

Hire a personal trainer

To begin, you may think that hiring a personal trainer is a bit drastic if you’ve never been into fitness before. But this is actually a great way to get started. An experienced trainer can design a regime that is suitable for your fitness levels, and they will inspire and motivate you to push yourself without going too far. You can learn the correct techniques for using equipment and machines, you’ll have an expert on hand to offer advice if you’re doing something wrong, and you’ll have your own cheerleader there to ensure you give every session 100%. You can choose from individual sessions or group classes depending on your preference.


Look for beginner’s exercise classes

Next, exercise classes are a fantastic way to learn new skills, boost your fitness and meet new friends. There’s a vast range of sessions available today from dance and high-intensity interval training to spinning and yoga. If you want to develop your fitness and have fun at the same time, look for beginner’s classes in your local area. Many gyms and sports facilities offer membership packages, as well as the option to pay as you go. If you have friends that also want to get involved, take them along and use your classes as a chance to catch up.


Work out at home

Many people are put off exercise by the prospect. Turning up at a gym or a pool and being surrounded by ultra-toned athletes who appear to spend every spare moment of the day lifting weights or doing sit-ups. Going for a jog in public, visiting the local pool and attending a gym can be daunting. Especially if you have low self-confidence or you’re worried about bumping into people you know. If these scenarios sound familiar, why not try working out at home? You can follow online workouts or DVDs or buy second-hand gym equipment and create your own workout space. Some personal trainers also offer classes at home.


Start small

Being active doesn’t have to involve a treadmill or a giant weight. If you’re starting out, focus on implementing changes in your everyday life, as well as incorporating exercise sessions. Leave the car at home and walk, go for family hikes or bike rides and always take the stairs.

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Final thoughts

Finally, if you’re new to exercise, there are several ways you can ease yourself into regular workouts and start enjoying the benefits of physical activity. Hire a personal trainer, search for beginner’s classes in your neighborhood or consider working out in the comfort of your own home. As you get fitter and you build confidence, you can try different activities and start working towards new fitness goals.



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  1. I love to work out from home. I think for a lot of moms it’s easier to work out at home so you don’t have to worry about a sitter. I subscribe to a fitness streaming service and I love it.

    1. That’s awesome! What streaming do you use? We just started using Beachbody again and its a love hate relationship! lol

      1. Oh my goodness, you mamas are hardcore! I CANNOT work out at home – too many distractions! – I need to get out, whether for a walk or bike ride, or to the gym. There is a women’s-only gym a mile from my house, lucky me, total judgment-free zone! 🙂

  2. I really need to get back into a workout routine. I do get exercise at work, since my job is physically demanding, but I would like to establish a routine.

  3. Hiring a personal trainer for me is the best because then I feel obligated to push myself.

  4. I guess the most practical option for me right now is to start working out at home. Just like you mentioned getting a personal trainer is a bit drastic. Would grab some workout DVDs this weekend.

    1. YouTube is so good for this!! There are so many videos that you can do and most are usually free!

  5. Working out at home is my jam! Its where I feel most comfortable, away from judgy eyes. But it’s also a place where I tend to slack off. I need to get better at staying consistant.

    1. I definitely know what you mean. If I do go workout in a location, I really only want it to be women only gyms.

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