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7 Simple Hacks to Establish a Workout Routine

Exercise and a workout routine… you know you its good for you.  Yet, with a job, family, and other responsibilities it might be the first thing that you decide to skip when life gets busy.  A workout routine should be a part of your weekly plan to promote both physical and mental health.  Whether you’re already an avid exerciser or  you need a boost of motivation to get started, try these easy hacks to stay on top of it!

Workout routine… how do you start one? Whether you're already an avid exerciser or need a boost of motivation, try these easy hacks to stay on top of it!

Incorporate These 7 Hacks to Promote Workout Routine Success

1. Schedule it into your day.

Take the time to put exercise on your to-do list, even scheduling it for a specific time of day. Whether you set an alarm on your phone or throw it on a paper calendar, this helps your brain and body remember that exercise is a priority that you intend to keep up on.


2. Plan ahead.

It’s all the little details that go into preparation for a workout that can lead to silly excuses. Prevent this with a little planning head.  Make sure your workout clothes are laid out, meetings are scheduled, kids are accounted for, and any other daily tasks that you need to stay on top of are all in order.  You’ll have no excuses and you will have a successful productive day, win-win!

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3. Set goals.

Like anything worth doing in your busy life, it better have some importance to you or it won’t last long. Sit down and think about what you would like to accomplish with your fitness routine.  Think things like fitness level, sports, friendships, and fun.  It is pretty consistently discussed in self-development circles that finding your “why” (aka: goals) helps you stay inspired and motivated.


4. Join a group or find a buddy.

Now that you have your why, next you should find a community or friend that you can share this passion with. It makes your fitness journey more fun and holds you accountable.  Whether it’s online or in person, having support is so important.


5. Find something you enjoy.

Don’t think that living a healthy life means you are doomed to endless hours of a cardio activity that you don’t enjoy. Find an exercise class, workout buddy, or sport that you truly enjoy.  Some women claim to “hate exercise” until they try new things like walking, dancing, and yoga or any other fun activity that get’s them moving!


6. Set up “positive triggers.”

Just as planning ahead helps minimize excuses. Also, set up your environment to help keep you on track.  Whether it’s where you place your workout clothes (in the car to go straight to the gym after work), having your home gym set up,  or a healthy snack that gives you energy for your workout.  Find what works for you and sets you up for success.

7. Make it a habit!

It all comes down to establishing consistency. Make your routine a true habit, and it will become automatic.  You won’t even consider whether you should work out or not, you will simply do it.  This is the ultimate goal and hack for truly reaching any health goals.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

In the end, it’s all about making it impossible for you to find an excuse. As a bonus, depending on what your routine looks like, you might even consider letting your kids join in the fun.  Ultimately, find what works for you and bring more joy and passion into your life.


Don’t Forget to Have Fun

There are enough responsibilities in our lives that we “must” do, don’t let exercise be one.  Let exercise be something you look forward to each week!


Workout routine… how do you start one? Whether you're already an avid exerciser or need a boost of motivation, try these easy hacks to stay on top of it!


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