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6 Reasons to Give MMA a Try

Looking for new workout challenge? MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a popular choice for men and women looking to boost their fitness and take on something new. More gyms are offering classes in this tough sport that combines several different martial art and combat sport styles. Here are the best reasons to give MMA a chance.



1. MMA is a full body workout

Many sports build muscle in a particular area, but MMA works and sculpts your whole body. Almost every muscle is worked during MMA. You’ll build strong legs from kicks, strengthen your arms with punches, build up your back and shoulders with sprawling and develop your core muscles with grappling. Grappling is also effective for improving flexibility. Like any workout, MMA is also a good way to increase your fitness and your stamina.


2. It offers variety

If you find running on a treadmill or knocking out the same reps over and over with the weights boring and repetitive, then MMA could offer the variety you need. As your skills build, your instructor will be able to offer you new challenges. You’ll be more motivated to keep going, whether you’re working out for fun or training to fight professionally. You’ll also get some motivation from how quickly you see results. MMA is a tough, physical sport so you’re bound to see changes fast, which is also a powerful tool to encourage you to keep pushing.


3. Burn calories fast

MMA is fast-paced, making it a great calorie burner for those looking to lose weight. You could burn up 590 calories in one 45 minute striking class. You’re working more muscle groups at once than you would on the treadmill, making this workout more effective in a shorter period of time. Because you’re always keeping your core engaged during MMA, you’re always working your body.


4. Efficient way to work out.

Most kinds of exercise focus on one kind of fitness, like aerobic on anaerobic fitness. Aerobic conditioning helps your blood to circulate more effectively, improving endurance. Anaerobic conditioning makes you better able to perform explosive exercise effectively, building strength. Metabolic conditioning helps your body to use your fuel more efficiently. MMA improves aerobic, anaerobic and metabolic conditioning with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


5. Learn self-defense techniques

MMA combines standing and ground fighting, as well as takedowns. With your new skills, you’ll be able to defend yourself in a real life situation. Knowing how to protect yourself will make you feel safer and more confident. Feeling tough will make you feel much better about yourself.


6. Feel strong

Fitness for women often focuses on weight loss and looking slim. While you will lose weight with MMA, getting skinny is the main goal. Instead, you’ll be concentrating on building your strength up. With the focus on strength and not the size of your waist, you might find you feel a lot more confident about your body when you know how powerful it is. Look at female MMA fighters like Ronda Rousey who look strong and beautiful for some body inspiration.


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