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6 Weight Loss Obstacles for Moms And How To Overcome Them

Motherhood is an amazing part of our life journey. But that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a myriad of challenges. One of the biggest is dealing with those weight loss obstacles. Because if we don’t feel at our most optimal when it comes to our health and fitness, how can we be the best mom possible? If you’ve already faced those weight loss challenges and won, then we salute you. In that case, you may now be looking for ways to deal with that excess fat. There are many options out there, such as the mini tummy tuck. And we’ve linked a video here, in case you’d like to know more. Meanwhile, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest weight loss obstacles for moms. And give the most up to date advice on how to tackle them.


Skipping meals ain’t it

As moms, we generally skip meals because we’re too busy taking care of others. And while consuming fewer calories can help with fat reduction, missing mealtime won’t. Skipping dinner or breakfast means missing out on essential nutrients. These nutrients are what keep us healthy, full of energy and can even sustain weight loss. Low energy levels can also cause those junk food cravings. This often means eating high-fat, high sugar foods with even more calories. Skipping meals can cause weight gain. And may even lead to long-term weight gain.


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Squeezing exercise into busy

When people are busy, one of the first things to get ignored is exercise. We often consider physical fitness a luxury rather than a priority. Even though it forms a major part of a healthy lifestyle. But being active is important for maintaining energy, mental health and weight loss.  So, if you’ve been putting everything else in your life ahead of exercise, it’s time to change.

Exercise can be time-consuming, tedious and hard work. But it doesn’t need to be that way. The key is choosing the right type of exercise for you. And that means finding something that fits into your busy mom life. You don’t have to join the gym either. Instead, find something that includes the kids. Use the facilities at your local park or beach. Making exercise a part of your daily routine may be easier than you think.


Coping with stress weight gain

Let’s face it, being a parent is stressful. But stress can lead to fatigue and this can mean neglecting our physical well-being. Not only does stress leave you feeling drained but it also heightens cortisol levels. These higher levels of the hormone cortisol increase our junk food cravings. And now studies show that this may also decrease the bodies ability to burn calories.

Lowering the strains and stresses of motherhood is always a challenge. Since motherhood often means overextending ourselves. Yet, there are ways to lower these stress levels and prevent weight gain.  For instance, being more mindful of what you put into your body and how much you eat can help. And incorporating that all-important physical exercise into your daily routine lowers those cortisol levels. But it’s not only about diet and exercise. Socializing with friends and family can also help with life’s worries and strains.


Kids menu rules

Tasting as you prep dinner or picking at the kid’s leftovers can be why many moms struggle with weight loss. So it makes sense to make sure you’re not hungry while you make their dinner. It may be counterintuitive to eat before you feed the kids but it’s a sure-fire way to stop you snacking.

Good nutrition for busy mums means planning ahead and eating satiating protein-rich snacks. It also means not having the same diet as kids. You may not even realize that your weight gain relates to the leftovers swiped off your child’s plate. And it’s something we often do it without even thinking. Try to be more aware of how often you do this. Make a food diary and add everything to it so you can identify those bad eating habits and make a change.


Watch that wine downtime

When it comes to alcohol, we generally don’t realize how many calories we’re consuming. Not only that but we often underestimate how much we’re actually drinking daily. Gender, age and genetics all influence how alcohol metabolized in our body. Which means for many of us, that glass or two of wine in the evening could be an obstacle in losing weight. It may even be the cause of our weight gain.

The other challenge is that we often eat yummy snacks when we drink. Usually, that means high-fat foods such as chips, dips and cheeses. The most effective remedy would be to stop drinking altogether or at least take a break from alcohol for a time. Getting on board with initiatives such as ‘Dry July’, for example. But complete sobriety is unrealistic for most of us. Yet we can lower our alcohol intake if we become more aware of how much we’re consuming, to begin with.


Cardio overload

A balanced diet and exercise are key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But while cardio has many benefits, it’s not key for weight loss. Incorporating cardio into your fitness regime benefits and prevents chronic illness. But if your focus is to lose weight, there are other things you can do at the gym. While doing lots of cardio may help you lose weight, it may also cause loss of muscle mass. But, strength training will help you lose weight and build muscle. 

If weight loss is your goal, strength training will be an important part of your fitness routine. Our body not only burns fat as we build muscle but best of all continue to do so after we workout.  There are heaps of ways to incorporate strength training into your day. Including some forms of yoga as well as using weights. You don’t have to go to a gym or spend lots of time on it either. So, find a workout that suits your life and is consistent with it.



As women and mothers, sharing advice and insights are so important. Lifting each other up and avoiding completing with one another is key to being happy and healthy. And sharing our wins and failures will help us feel supported on this journey. Our job is to raise the next generation of amazing humans. But let’s remember that, as moms, our needs are still important. And that our physical, emotional and mental health is fundamental to parenting success.


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