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6 Exciting Things To Look Forward To This Summer

The good weather is finally here! And it looks as if it’s here to stay – for a little while anyway. So, with that in mind and with the kids leaving school behind for the summer break, here you’ll find 6 things we can all look forward to this summer which will hopefully get us all in the mood for the sunny months ahead!


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Getting out into the garden

We can’t always rely on the spring weather to allow us time in our gardens and out in nature. But when summer finally makes an appearance most fruits, trees, shrubs and flowers are in full bloom and a treat for all the senses! It also gives us chance to get out in to the garden or back yard and give it some much needed love and attention. Filling up new planters with vibrant flowers, even planting some new fruit or veg to enjoy when the summer ends. You can check out trees for your state and the best time to plant certain flowers online!


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We all know the dangers of too much sun; sunburn, heatstroke, sunstroke, dehydration etc. But there’s nothing better or more natural then the sun shining down on your skin, warming your body and brightening your day! Spending just a few minutes out in the sun will give you a great boost of Vitamin D. Spending time exposed to sunlight has also been proven to improve our overall mood, and of course, give us that healthy tan!

Just remember not to spend too much time out in the sun without protection. Think sun hat, sun screen, plenty of water and breaks in the shade.


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Enjoying the water

The pool, the sea, lake, paddling pool (for the kids) or even hot tub! There’s nothing better than cooling down in the summer sun with a splash! Add a few glasses of something cold and a couple of friends and you’ve got the perfect summer afternoon sorted.


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The holiday

You’ve been dreaming of it ever since you booked it all those months ago. So whether you’re heading to a new resort with your friends, or heading across the country with your family to your favourite family destination, summer vacations and getting away from it all is something everyone can look forward to! Don’t forget the sunscreen!


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Summer outfits

Many of us come to love our winter wardrobes. Long boots, thick jumpers, scarves, coats and plenty of layers; we all look great! Fast forward to summer and you’ve got a whole new wardrobe to think about. Shorts, vests and t-shirts, light shirts, skirts and sandals. It’s a great feeling shedding off your winter clothes. Might want to think about applying some fake tan though!


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No matter where you are. What you’re doing or even if you’ve just eaten, when you can smell a BBQ – you want one. Having a BBQ is what summer is all about. Lots of friends, family, cold drinks, burgers, steaks, salads and desserts. We can’t wait!



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