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Etsy is one of my favorite websites to find cute little gifts on. Recently I was looking for some mom items that I could bring into my house and I fell upon a book called “Being a Mom Is… Always being in love” by Anna Bella. I really loved how nice the pictures were on the cover (I am totally a cover buyer) and I love little quotes in books that I can use to share on social media. So I went ahead and got the book and I wanted to share the most important page that I saw in there, the rest you will have to buy the book and find out!

Above  is the cover of the book and as you can see, the image is super cute and I love the font. I am a huge believer in most people are like me and buy books for their covers, so you need a catchy image and nice fonts to help sell your things. Anna Belle got those two covered.

One of the pages that I saw in the book I wanted to share with you was the picture below. I wanted to share this because being a mom, isn’t this the truth of motherhood all summed up into a few words?

Motherhood is an adventure. Every single thing that you endure and encounter after giving birth to your first child is an adventure. These are things that you are never ready for and even though many people can tell you stories about it, until you have lived it, you are no expert. Maybe by the time you make it through child one and have your second child, can you start saying that you are an expert, but until then, it is an adventure. Then when you have child two, the adventure begins all over again but with different stuff!

The rest of this book has amazing little sayings about what it means to be a mom. Taking your children shopping, going on vacation, cleaning messes, stacking diapers and so on. All of the things that moms do. There are not a million pages in this book so it obviously doesn’t address everything that we do, but it hits some of the important spots that as a mom you will appreciate others acknowledging. I know that diapers don’t stack themselves, yet I am the only one who ever does them – so it’s nice to be acknowledged  that they just don’t appear to be in the diaper basket all nice and neat!

Being a mom has so many important roles and if you want to be a good mom, these things on the pages of “Being a Mom is” are just things that you are doing naturally every single minute of every single day. These are things that we do without even knowing that we do it or that doing these things makes us a good mom. It’s not everyday that your child is going to come up to you and say “hey mom, you are a great mom”. But it’s something that we need to know and own in our minds that hey, I am  a great mom, whether or not you hear it from anyone.

I suggest purchasing this book because it is a great reminder to yourself that you are great. This would also be an amazing baby shower gift since new moms may not know what they are getting themselves into!

Use this code THANKS30 when purchasing this book in July, they are having a Christmas in July sale!



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