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Party Outfits for Toddler Moms on a Budget

Getting ready for back to school is always a money crunch time, especially if you have more than one child. Once school starts in the fall, all of the events begin, along with the following of holiday after holiday.

Everyone needs outfits for parties and holidays, even toddlers. My daughter is very picky about what she has been wearing lately and everything is dresses (this is good and bad).  Coming up on the time of year with all the holidays, this could work in my favor. Although I have my budget set for each month already, I know that I need to include some party outfits in there for the upcoming holidays.

Set a budget.

Finding a nice outfit for an occasion that requires a more than casual outfit is often expensive. If you already know when you are looking at outfits the budget that you are working with, that will help you know what you can look at and what you can’t

With this in mind, I would set a budget of $15 for a party outfit. Why $15? This was a reasonable budget because you know she may or may not wear it one or two more times and she can’t wear the same one to every single party you go to. If you can find outfits for less, then you can buy more! Win win!

Here are some outfits that fit within my $15 budget and are super cute!

Party Pageant Dress

Party Pageant Dress$9.00. Way under budget and it allows you to buy another party outfit. This is super cute and can be worn to multiple different events. The gold collar is a brilliant touch and it allows for many accessories to go with this.

Toddler Bow Party Dress

Toddler Bow Party Dress$12.00 – Also under the $15 budget, this dress allows for many different types of events for your daughter to wear it to. It is formal enough to wear to a wedding but casual enough to wear to a holiday party.

Princess Party Dress

Princess Party Dress: $16.00 – At the very top of budget but with it only being $1 over and such a versatile dress, it would be worth going over the budget for this dress. With the upcoming holidays, weddings, birthday parties, concerts at school, etc. there are so many events that need party outfits and this could be the go to. It has a beautiful bow on the back, the light pink color goes with so many different colors and can be accented with white, black or navy. The name says it all.

Be prepared. 

Shopping on a budget doesn’t mean buying ugly clothes. All three outfits were within the $15 budget and could be used in multiple different occasions. Purchasing a dress like any of these is more of an investment than a purchase. Instead of running out and trying to buy the perfect dress for an event the upcoming weekend where you are at the mercy of the stores in the mall and what they have in stock at the moment, you will have the perfect party outfits already picked out and stayed in your price range.


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toyzor. All opinions are my own and not edited by the sponsor. Visit my Disclaimer page.*

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  1. Aah these are so cute!! My mum often picks up really cute clothes for my toddler in charity shops and they are always in great condition 🙂 xxx

  2. The outfits you show are so cute! That must be a fun part of parenting, dressing girls up like this. So adorable!`

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