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Blogger Advice from Dan Anton; SEO Expert

Does this scenario sound familiar? Being a new blogger in a huge world of professional bloggers can be scary. Having the support of Blogger and Wordpress there when you first want to start a blog are excellent because it gives you a place to start, a purpose. Fast forward a year or so and now you have become more serious about blogging and are looking to make money and increase your audience. You have bought a website, you joined some pods, upped your social media presence, joined affiliate links, created better content, joined all the right websites to share your posts – but you just aren’t sure what else are you missing?

Being that we live in a world of professional bloggers, it is really difficult to sort out what companies are helpful and which are not. As a blogger who wants to be professional, I know that I need to do some research on the companies that I am willing to put money into and use their services and intelligence to help drive traffic to my site.

There are a few sites that help with traffic through social media like Stumble Upon, Tailwind and Board Booster which help with building Pinterest traffic, Facebook Blogger Groups, Telegram Instagram comment groups, and many more. Those all help you just with gaining comment and followers. But what about gaining actual traffic through search engines? What about having your blog posts that you work so hard on found in searches in Google? How do you even do that?

One company that can help you answer these questions is called RankCrew. “RankCrew is an affordable, POWERFUL, Manual Link Building Service engineered by one of the most respected names in SEO, Dan Anton, and manned by a team of veterans who are highly motivated link-building experts trained to obtain top 10 rankings with the most modern and effective link building techniques.”

Who is the man with the plan?

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Dan Anton is a retired US Military Veteran, who served two tours in Iraq as an Infrantry Airborne Army Ranger Major and he came back with an idea in mind of what he wanted to do with his life. Dan received 2 bronze stars during his 2 tours in Iraq and when he retired from the military, he began creating “SaaS products, Software as a Service Products, amassing over 30,000 active monthly members, both on Backlinksindexer and CrowdSearch.me.”

Being a military wife, I know firsthand that soldiers who come back from being overseas have a hard time at starting a life outside of being a solider when they return home. You must have perseverance and strive to come back home and restart your life after everything you had went through.

Dan Anton has those amazing qualities and more. Dan created the website RankCrew, where they help bloggers like you and I survive in a world out there on the web of SEO and Linkbacks. SEO is changing daily, if not hourly, and there are people out there that specialize in this and know how to keep up with the new information put out there. Dan Anton has many different packages that you can check out, click here for more information.

As a blogger who is working to optimize their site in the most ways possible, here are some important details and websites for you to know about and try out:

One company that can help answer these questions is RankCrew. Dan has created affordable ways for bloggers like you to get quality link building service. They created multiple different packages like I mentioned before that you could use to help better your site. Check out this video for more information:



BackLinksIndexer helps index your website. Indexing is one of the most important aspects of having a website and making sure that Google is indexing your sites. Do you know if Google is indexing your sites? BackLinksIndexer can help you answer this question.

Ever heard of Crowd Searching? CrowdSearch.me provides a great video that describes all that you need to know and how it can benefit your website. These are important things to know when you are trying to gain traffic to your site and trying to monetize it.


There are some helpful tips for you as a new blogger and ideas that you should be doing with SEO on your site. It is important if you are trying to make the most of your website that you use some of these tips to help you build that traffic.

Image: RankCrew

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This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.
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