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5 Essentials That New Moms Must Have

When moms first go home with their newborn, it feels like you have entered in a new life. Along with that new life, it brings new products that we must be aware about. List after list on the internet can confuse you more and more. Having to decide what works best for your child is part of being a mom. Mom bloggers like me can offer options for new moms and hopefully help make the decisions easier.  Nuby USA has a great selection of items to help overwhelmed new moms. This article provides a list of new moms must have products.


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Happy Hands Teething Mit

An important new mom must have is a teething mit. Babies start teething around 3 months and continues on for what seems like forever. It is comfortable for your baby to wear and easy to carry with you wherever you need to go. The soft silicone makes it easy for babies when they are teething and is very helpful to new moms!



Sippy Cup

Sippy cups are an important product that many don’t realize because you are so busy worrying about bottles. When you want to start introducing milk to your baby, a sippy cup is the best way. Nuby has a great sippy cup that helps prevent spills and it is easy to bring on the go. The cup has an easy grip and has a hygienic cover that keeps the spout clean.




Breathe-eez Nasal Aspirator

Can I tell you what a great product this is? As a new mom, when your child has a stuffy nose and can’t breathe, it is a frantic time. Trying all these natural ways to get their nose unclogged is frustrating and upsetting. Nuby understood this was an issue for parents. The Breathe-eez Nasal Aspirator is made to provide gentle, immediate and effective relief for nasal congestion. It is easy to keep clean and you can bring it while traveling too. This is definitely an essential that new moms must have!





Stainless Steel Utensils

When you first are making a baby registry, many new moms forget utensils! It is something so small but so important once your baby starts eating food. Our family utensils are too big, so babies need their own. Stainless steel utensils are best for infants because they are easy to keep clean and have an easy grip. Because they are easily forgotten, they are an essential that new moms must have.



Infant Bottle with Easy Latch Nipple

Picking a bottle is a stressful part of being a new mom. Nuby has an infant bottle that has a slow flow nipple and is perfect for babies. The nipple is breast size and it encourages babies to latch on. Sometimes babies have a hard time latching and this can really help out. It also stretches and flexes just like a mother’s nipple.  This infant bottle can really help you and your baby in the first couple months after birth.



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  1. Those nasal aspirators are the best. I could never get the hang of those bulb syringe things they give out at the hospital.

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