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Homemade Fitness Equipment Ideas for Kids and Moms

As moms, you know all about being creative at the moment – I Spy becomes the long-line boredom crusher and veggies are not gross, inedible items but intergalactic space food that can help your child be an amazing astronaut. And making sure you’re able to exercise in the middle of your busy schedule requires creativity, too. If you’re a mom who wants to keep your kids active and healthy, you’ll love these homemade fitness equipment ideas!

To have the best results, you know you’ll need to keep your kids preoccupied while you spend time in your home gym. Instead of plopping the kids in front of the TV or iPad, encourage them to work out with you with homemade fitness equipment. With these ideas, you’ll be able to get your workout in and have fun with your kids.

If you're a mom, you know how hard it is to exercise with kids. Make working out with your kids fun with these five DIY equipment ideas.

Moms & Kids Fitness Equipment Ideas

Ballet Barre

Just because we’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean your kids have to miss out on ballet class or you have to skip your barre exercises. By building a single or double ballet barre out of PVC piping (this type works the best), you can have a durable piece of gym equipment right at home. With this barre, you and your kids can practice ballet together. Alternatively, you could build two barres – one for you to use and one for your kids! Find the instructions for this fun ballet barre here.

Hand Weights

Sometimes, the best way to encourage kids to do something they don’t want to is by involving them in the prep work. Same as you would get a kid to eat their dinner by allowing them to help with the shopping and cooking, you can encourage your kids to move around by having them help make homemade gym equipment.

One piece of equipment they can help make is hand weights. Fill plastic bottles or milk jugs with beads, rice, or dried beans. To spice up the bottles, mix the weights with glitter or dye the rice before putting it into the containers. Once the consequences are made, your kids can use their handmade weights to build their muscles while you spend time in your home gym. Get your kids excited about fitness with these fun and easy hand weights and other homemade kids fitness equipment ideas!

kids fitness equipment


Kids are sometimes like cats – they love climbing on things they shouldn’t and they like crawling through small spaces. Incorporate this into your workout and get your kids moving, too, with a few different homemade tunnels. All you need is a few unused cardboard boxes or large-diameter PVC pipes. Strategically place these tunnels throughout your home or backyard and create an obstacle course.

Tunnels can be a great addition to your kids fitness equipment! Crawling through tunnels is not only fun but also helps to develop coordination, balance, and core strength. By making your own tunnels, you can create a customizable obstacle course that your kids will love. So why not try building some tunnels today and watch your kids have a blast while getting fit?

Kids can compete to see who can crawl through the tunnels the fastest. Mom, while they’re doing this, you can jog beside them as the referee. Carry and curl weights to work on your arms at the same time. Tunnels are a fun way to get your kids off the couch while giving you the opportunity to get your heart pumping.

DIY Parallettes

Even if you’re not a CrossFit fanatic, you and your kids can enjoy a set (or two) of DIY parallettes. Mom, you can strengthen your arms, wrists, and core by doing dips and push-ups using these bars. Additionally, you could practice some lateral jumps over one of the bars for a cardio workout.

To get the kids involved, have them help make the bars. Maybe they can dry assemble their own parallettes (than you, Mom, will tighten the pieces together with PVC primer and cement). Perhaps they can choose the spray paint colors to use on the bars to make them uniquely theirs. We’re thinking Frozen colors and Spider-Man hues would be adorable for the kiddos.

While you work out on your bars, the kids can exercise with theirs! They can practice jumping over the bar or army-crawling under them (if the bars are tall enough – feel free to adjust the height of the kids’ bars for this purpose). They can also work on their arm strength just like Mom! These parallettes can be paired with homemade tunnels for an even longer (and more fun) obstacle course.

To make parallettes for you and your kids, all you need is PVC piping, fittings, and the instructions from StayFitMom.

kids fitness equipment

PVC Bowling Pins

Is there a more fun way to work out than disguising exercise as a game? We don’t think so! Get the whole family moving with this outdoor game. These adorable PVC bowling pins will have everyone giggling and racing for a turn. Follow these instructions for making your own bowling pins.

Materials Needed

  • 2” PVC Pipe
  • (6) 2” PVC Caps
  • (6) 2” PVC Reducer Couplings (with 3” bottoms)
  • Miter saw
  • Optional: Spray paint

Steps for DIY Bowling Pins

Step 1: Cut your PVC pipe into six 12 in. pieces using a miter saw.

Step 2: Spray paint your PVC pieces, if you desire. You can spray paint just the caps and the reducer couplings, leaving the 12 in. pipes white. Alternatively, you can spray paint all of the pieces. Use painter’s tape in the places you don’t want paint – this is great for creating stripes on your bowling pins!

Step 3: Assemble your bowling pins. Place the PVC caps onto the tops of the pipes. Then, add the reducer couplings to the bottom of the pipes. The 3” bottoms of the couplings will act as the base of the bowling pin.

Step 4: Decorate your bowling pins. If you’d like to make your bowling pins even more festive, allow your kids to decorate them with washi tape, glitter, or stickers.

Step 5: Place your bowling pins upright on a flat surface. This surface could be the driveway, sidewalk, or a wood board in your backyard.

Step 6: Grab a ball and start playing! You can use any kind of ball you have handy – just make sure it’s big enough to knock the pins over.

Workout and Have Fun with Your Kids

Let’s face it, trying to get a workout in at home with a bunch of kids underfoot and getting into things they shouldn’t feel almost impossible. But, by involving kids in your workout routine, you can impart the value of exercise to your kids while getting your own heart pumping! Try one of these (or all five) homemade gym equipment for kids and moms. You will all have a blast building muscle strength together. Working out and having fun with your kids has never been easier thanks to these kids fitness equipment ideas!

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