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10 Budget-Friendly Items Your Home Gym Should Have

Having a home gym can be great if you live far away from your local gym. You’ll not only save money, but you can easily squeeze a workout session into your schedule by just walking into your garage or spare room. If you’re still in the beginning stages of building your home gym, here are a few things you might want to get:

Comfortable workout clothes

It might seem silly, but wearing the right clothes can make a huge difference while you’re working out. After all, you want to feel comfortable while still getting the support that you need to do your workouts, even if you are at home. Ideally, tops with breathable material, stretchy pants, women’s leggings, and cushioned shoes should make up your exercise wardrobe. Dressing up for the activity might even make you feel more stoked to work out!



Kettlebells are extremely versatile like dumbbells, but they are also easier to hold. Kettlebells also take up less space than most free weights while allowing you to lift heavy and build muscle just the same. You can also use kettlebells for cardio, unilateral workouts, core exercises, and more. Look for kettlebells with large and smooth handles so you can hold on to them firmly while you’re swinging them around.

A good sound system

Who doesn’t love working out to music? It motivates you, helps you focus, and makes you feel like you’re in a cool music video too. A high-quality sound system will help with that and help you get into the zone when you step into your home gym for a workout.


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Barbells and weight plates

Like most free weights, barbells add coordination and stability to your workouts. You can build muscle while improving your posture and balance with them. As you progress with your strength training, having weight plates of various weights in your home gym helps make your workouts more diverse and challenging.

stability ball

Stability ball

In addition to muscle mass and fat loss, you should also be paying attention to your balance and stability when you work out. This is where the stability ball comes in. It is basically a half medicine ball that is easy to use and store. It adds another layer of difficulty and fun to body weight exercises, especially if they’ve gotten too easy (or boring) for you. Moreover, a stability ball can also improve your flexibility and core strength.

Indoor bike trainer

If you already own a bike, why not make it a part of your home gym too? With an indoor trainer, you can turn your regular bike into a stationary bike and use it in your home gym. This is great for days when you can’t go out for a bike around your neighborhood. You can still get a great cardio workout while biking in the comfort of your home.

resistance band

Resistance bands

These are basically an updated take on exercise bands as they are more challenging to use and a lot more versatile too. You can use them to build upper and lower body strength and add more intensity to your usual workouts. Additionally, resistance bands belong in a home gym because they are easy to store and barely take up any space as well.

Yoga mat

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a full-fledged yogi to use one of these mats. The thick and soft material of yoga mats makes them great for keeping you comfortable and secure while doing core workouts, stretches, body weight movements, and more. There’s no need to deal with cold and hard tiles or linoleum when you have a yoga mat in your home gym arsenal. 

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No home gym is complete without dumbbells, which allow you to do different workouts and exercises. They can be used for strength training, stability, cardio, and much more. Look for dumbbells that are hexagonal in shape and have a rubber coating, which can last you a long time. Even on busier days, these versatile free weights can let you get a good workout.

Jumping rope

This is a space-saving essential that every home gym needs. Aside from helping you get in an effective fat-burning and cardio-filled workout, jumping rope is fun! If you loved doing it as a child, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy doing it as an adult while reaping its benefits. So grab your jumping rope, put on your favorite songs, and skip your way to a healthier and toned body!

Creating your own gym at home doesn’t need to break the bank. You can start small and slowly work toward improving the equipment and essentials in your home gym until it’s complete. You don’t need fancy or expensive things, you just need effective and versatile items that will meet your fitness needs.

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