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How Can a Working Mom Make a Classic Baby Sleep Schedule?

Striking a perfect balance with no compromise

Having a proper sleep cycle is of absolute importance to all, and it can be a quite tricky thing to do if you are a working mom who just had a baby. It is normal to feel miserable and desperate for some tight sleep with a new baby around. A baby’s sleep schedule will impact a working mom’s schedule and that’s why you need to balance the two.

If you are wondering how to make a perfect schedule that can help you in dealing with your work, here it goes! 

It is worrisome when a working mom has got a baby who’s not sleeping. Kids need a perfect plan in place so that you can put them on track. You are completely responsible to implement an excellent baby sleep schedule. 

Here are simple steps to make a 6-week old baby sleep schedule:  

Start sleep training:

There is a better outcome when there’s goof planning involved. This works well for both personal and professional life. You need to layout a solid foundation before you begin the baby sleep training. This will ensure quick progress in sleep training and will have higher chances of success. 


Selecting sleep training very carefully:

Generally, We at Tiny Twig, recommend selecting the beginning time of the baby sleep cycle carefully. This time needs to be in a period where it can be followed regularly at least for a few weeks. Avoid starting this training before a vacation or a trip. As you are a working mom, Monday-Friday, you will have a tight schedule. It is better to start the baby’s sleep schedule at the weekend.    

For a working mom who has weekends off, a baby not sleeping may not be as problematic as on the weekdays. You can start off the training at the weekend without any impact on your professional life. The weekend is more than enough to get habituated with the process. If you think you can have a backup plan, then you can take a few days off around the weekend. 


The right time to begin:

Usually, it is suggested that parents go back to work when the baby crosses the 4th-month mark or the 6th-month mark. So, you might prefer to start training around this time to avoid sleep deprivation. You need to plan by considering both the responsibilities, as a mom and as an employee. So begin the working mom-baby schedule around the time you start working or a little before you start working.


Consistency in sleep training:

Consistency is the key to sleep training. Even for adults, only when you practice your sleep schedule regularly, it is easy to adapt to it. When it comes to working mom schedules with a toddler, you need to be more careful about consistency. Ensure there are enough activities in the day that makes your baby tired and sleep in the night. It depends on the timings you choose. The times the baby is awake you must ensure he is doing his other chores. When you want your baby to sleep, give your baby good food and a comfortable place where the baby can doze off quickly. The environment must enable him to sleep quickly.

working mom sleep training

Stick to the working mom-baby sleep schedule:

As a working mom, when you schedule with the infant, focus on their intake of food and regular sleeping timings. Understand and plan the toddler’s schedule earlier and implement it at the right time. Start creating a table before you start working as in wakeup time, small naps in between, feeding, and their stay at daycare. Start scheduling and practicing it even before you start going to work to get habituated. Ensure that the schedule is feasible and have a backup. Let your family know the schedule and seek assistance if needed. Remember that you got others to help you with the working mom schedule


Communicate everything with the caregivers:

It is an important step, but most of the parents tend to skip this step. When you begin the training, you need to consider the caregiver’s schedule too. Availability and other things will also be a part of the toddler sleeping schedule. And even after you got everything planned out, you need to explain the caregiver about it. As they are going to follow the schedule, there must be a good understanding to avoid any problem or miscommunication. As a working mom-baby not sleeping according to the schedule with the caretaker, might affect your time with the baby. 

You can simply pen down the instructions for them to follow. It will help them, and you can carry out your schedule without any difficulties.

These are certain things you need to do if you want a perfect working mom schedule with your baby. During the baby sleep schedule, along with the toddler’s food intake, nap timings, taking care of their sleepwear is also important. If they are not comfortable with what they are wearing, they cannot have a tight sleep. A perfect baby suit will be helpful for the baby to have a sound sleep.

To all the working mothers! More power to you. We hope this helped you. Happy parenting!


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  1. It’s definitely hard to keep up a schedule as a working mom but thank you for these tips! Sleep is so important and I’m sleep training all over after the 1-year sleep regression we are going through 🙁

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