How Coupons Help You Save Thousands on Your Wedding

The wedding day is the best day in everybody’s life and truly a dream come true. Even it’s very thought is pleasing. The thinking about financial requirements and your budget constraints, however, is not that pleasant. It moves you from the excitement of joy to concerns about how to manage associated expenses. The problem though grave, but thanks to the modern marketing tools called coupons, it is not that frightening anymore. Notwithstanding the fact that marriage is all about expenses, the tokens slash your bills significantly. In this article, we will present tips to save money on a wedding. Besides, I will also discuss the role of coupons in helping to shop for the wedding without breaking the bank.

how coupons can help you save thousands on your wedding

Wedding anxiety and Budget:

The wedding budget anxiety is stressful. Your guest list (and wish list too) getting too long but you have your budget also and that is warning you to avoid overspending. What to do then?

  • The best advice I can give is to plan. Write down everything you need and likewise note down all your purchases. The planning together with its meticulous compliance will keep you calm as you will always monitor your expenses.
  • Plan the unforeseen expenses also. These include transportation, wedding band and all other expenses that you did not anticipate earlier. This means you have to double check your cost breakdown to make it realistic.
  • Don’t get carried away with other’s examples. See your resources and spend on what gives you and your to-be-spouse the most joy. Don’t care about what people are following on Pinterest or Kardashian has done.

Tips to save money on the wedding:


Avoid an obvious and convenient venue:

I know that most people tempt to hold their big day ceremony at some conveniently situated place. But if you select an unconventional venue like a golf course or country club you will save plenty of bucks.


Find a venue with no binding to have its vendors:

You should look for a venue with no binding to hire services from their vendors. You can have your own caterer, photographer, and DJ, and that will result in substantial money saving.

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Select an Off-peak date:

Check the most popular wedding dates through wedding calendar available at weddingwire. Select an off-peak date to avoid cost related to high-demand. According to bridebox January and March are the cheapest months. So, plan to marry in these months for availing discounted packages on account of less demand.


Choose a DIY route where possible:

There are loads of DIY activities which make you save a substantial amount of money on your wedding.

  • You can go paperless and send invitations through email.
  • With a printer and laptop, you can prepare invitations on your own with simple text and classic font.
  • Avoid services of florist and shop flowers from a wholesale flower market.
  • Do the décor yourself. Get help from charity shops for photo frames to display photographs of bride and groom and family members.
  • Make your own bags for wedding favors with small sweets or buy something edible in bulk.

Find a discount store and use coupon:

Realize the strength of coupon and how it can help you save on your wedding. Search thoroughly to find deals on each item you need to purchase. Almost all stores and retail online shopping platforms are replete with generous sale discounts offers on wedding dresses, décor items, gift items, wedding sparklers, wedding reception supplies, and much more.

Besides getting wedding related items from big stores like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, etc. check exclusive bridal and wedding dress stores for promo coupons. If you and your soon to be the spouse are good bargain hunters, you may find amazing deals and end up saving plenty of bucks.


Trim your guest list:

Though it seems quite difficult, one can achieve a substantial saving in Budget by keeping the guest list as short as possible. So revisit the list and delete as many names as possible. Try to keep the nearest and dearest only. Remember that with the addition of names in the guest list all related expenses (food, table count, flowers and invitation, etc.) rise also.

Wrap up:

The human being has an ingrained instinct to save money and we do all our shopping, keeping it alive. Wedding is one occasion where we have to part with most of our hard earned money. Therefore we naturally look for ways and means to save optimally. Fortunately, in today’s online shopping scenario and growing coupon marketing trends, this is possible to a great extent. One can shop everything from the wedding dress to flowers and gifts to favors on discount.


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