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How To Deal With Traveling for Work When You Have a Family

There’s now a wealth of information out there about how to succeed as a working mom. Unfortunately, these crucial survival hacks often fail to mention one pressing and still challenging aspect of work for any mom in a career that requires it – the need for business travel.

After all, even if you’re running a blog from home, growth will often mean cross-state trips, while more intensely travel-driven careers like sales, driving, and others can require regular time spent away. Yet, with jobs like these often offering the highest pay packets, moms looking to support their families could do a lot worse than considering these options. Furthermore, it’s entirely possible to make business travel work for you even when you have a family to consider by simply making sure of the following.

iI’s entirely possible to make business travel work for you even when you have a family to consider by simply making sure of the following.

# 1 – Always weigh things up

Perhaps most importantly, moms need to make sure that travel is worthwhile for its sacrifices. If a sales trip is set to end in a significant deal with notable advancement opportunities, for instance, then travel is typically more than worthwhile. Equally, taking a role like that of a truck driver that requires extensive periods away can still be worthwhile in the short-term if it offers a high pay packet or even a $10,000 truck driver bet as offered by companies like Tri-State to buy a whole lot more time with your family afterwards. By comparison, a preliminary sales trip, or a travel-based role that doesn’t earn that much, is unlikely to be worth leaving your family for.


# 2 – Plan every detail

When you travel, it’s also essential that you work on a strict itinerary. After all, the longer you spend away from your family, the more you, and they, are going to feel that sting. Instead, streamlining your trip with a strong to-do list that helps you to significantly reduce the time this takes can make a huge difference. Even something as simple as two meetings in a day instead of one could halve your travel time, and help you get back to your family home a whole lot sooner.


# 3 – Find ways to keep your kids involved

The perks of free global video call options like Facetime and Skype mean that you can check in with your kids while traveling, which is something that you could probably benefit from doing at least once a day. During these calls, either take your kids out to show them a few local sites or talk to them about your visit. Make sure, too, to buy them gifts that are relevant to your location, like mugs with local landmarks or even books with facts about the area. This way, their education can benefit from your travels. Plus, they’ll probably be a whole lot happier for you to go away if they know they’ll get these treats afterwards!


Work travel when you’re a career mom can be undeniably tough, but if your trips are unavoidable, you can at least make them more manageable using these tips.


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