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Easy Spring Flower Arrangements You Can Do at Home

There’s something about spring that makes us want to see flowers everywhere. The arrival of the sun, the slow thawing of the ground, and the promise of new life are all signs that make us want to celebrate with floral displays.

The best thing about spring flower arrangements is that you don’t need tons of expensive supplies or a green thumb to create something beautiful. There are many different ways to arrange and enjoy your flowers in the springtime – from bouquets to wreaths, tabletop displays, and hanging baskets.

The possibilities are endless! Scroll down to see 4 easy spring flower arrangements you can try at home.

Easy Spring Flower Arrangements You Can Do at Home

1. Simple Assorted Bouquet

An assorted bouquet is a simple bouquet that includes a variety of flowers. To make one from home, you will need purple dahlias, white button poms, and earl gray roses. For greenery, the Ruscus plant will make a great pick.

Here are some tips from Bouqs’ Florists who specialize in spring flower bouquets and other flower delivery services on how to make assorted floral arrangements. Make your bouquet about one-and-a-half times the height of the container while also width and height are balanced.

Pluck out thorns from your flowers, removing the leaves also. This will keep harmful microbes out of the water and shorten bacteria lifespan. Blow into the core of the blossom to speed up the opening of roses. This helps ensure the rose gets enough air while increasing the bloom’s width.

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents.
Every day, recut the stems and add water.

2. Grouped In Vessels

Make a display using silver-plated containers of various sizes and shapes. Keep the following calculation in mind: height + cluster + hero. Because of their comparable sizes and structures, foxgloves and snapdragons complement each other beautifully.

To balance out the real star of the show, a wide-open peony blossom which lies directly on the opening of its vessel, arrange 3 peonies together in a julep vase.

3. Bountiful Branches Display

Tree blooms have for long been considered a sign that spring is around the corner. This is from the Hyperion dogwood to the pear, red horse chestnut, and magnolia, springtime outdoors is full of beauty.

Fortunately, you can bring this charming lightness inside your home with a bountiful branches display using the materials available in your nearby garden. It is another fancy way to decorate your home with flowers without spending much.

Get some dogwood branches mixed in a vase with loose spirea and long Queen Anne’s lace clippings. To achieve a dressed-up look, add some tulips, making sure not to cut the base for them to last longer. When picking your vase, make sure it’s cylindrical without a long neck.

Alternatively, you can go for cherry blossom branches whose lush pink blooms are the quintessence of spring flowers.

4. Blooming Hyacinths

Browse the aisles of your local garden center for a choice of bulbs that have been pushed and are ready to unveil. These highly-anticipated blossoms elevate our emotions and beautify our homes by blooming weeks earlier than their in-ground counterparts.

The best part – this one is pretty easy! Just cover a festive punch bowl with a plastic container and fill it with a dozen pre-planted hyacinths, placing moistened moss on top.

Springtime is among the best seasons to enjoy and experiment with flowers. It is the season when you will find amazingly stunning blooms for any occasion or purpose. The above few flower arrangements can make will hopefully inspire you on how to make captivating blossom arrangements without much strain.

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  1. Spring is around the corner. how exciting Thanks for these ideas. I always go for Simple Flower arranging, however this year i will try something different.

  2. Thank you for these tips! I have always wanted fresh flower arrangements around the house that I can do myself but I know nothing about arranging flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. There is nothing better than fresh flowers in a home. This flower arrangement is beautiful and now I need to go buy some flowers for myself.

  4. It is nice to have some tips for arranging things at home. I would love to have more live flowers to brighten things up.

  5. I’ve always wanted to arrange flowers and have more of them around my home. Thank you for these great ideas! Spring will be a perfect time start!

  6. thanks for these tips!! We get roses in our garden and sometimes I get small bouquets from Trader Joes as well and then do my best to arrange them in vases around the house.. I think I can do better now

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