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How to Find Your Passion & Change Your Career Now

They say that you’ll never work a day in your life if you find a job you love. With the average person spending around 36 hours per week at work, it’s crucial to take enjoyment and satisfaction from your job. If you’re considering applying for a new job as a working mom, or you’re looking to change careers, here are some tips to help you forge a career path founded on passion.

If you’re considering applying for a new job as a working mom, or looking to change your career, here are some tips to help find your passion.

Consider your interests

Before you hand your notice in or set about creating a business plan based on an ingenious idea, think carefully about your interests and what you love to do. What makes you happy, what matters most to you and how would you choose to spend your time in an ideal world? Note down ideas, focus on your interests and passions and start developing initial thoughts.

There are myriad ways you can turn a hobby into a job or use your interests or your passions to discover new roles or set up a new business. Perhaps you’re desperate to use your own experiences as a working mom to launch a venture for other ambitious parents, or you want to build on an interest in keeping fit to become a trainer, for example. You could explore existing roles, look for courses to gain qualifications or set up your own company.


Study and training

In some cases, you might find that you can set about on a new adventure without undertaking study or training, but it’s beneficial to consider taking courses or programs if you have limited experience in running a business or you have ambitions to secure a specific job or pursue a set career path. For example, you might be very passionate about health and fitness and spend plenty of time in the gym. In this case, you might undertake a training course with Study Active to help expand your knowledge and learn what it takes to become a personal trainer.

Alternatively, you may love reading about and trying out beauty products, and are always the first person friends call upon to do their makeup or you have a desire to make people feel great. Here, you may look for a cosmetology school or search for entry-level roles or internships that will enable you to hone your skills and gain valuable experience. If you want to set up your own business, it can be helpful to learn how to manage your accounts, market your company and lead a team of employees. Whatever your interests, it’s highly likely that there are programs and courses available to help you get to where you want to be.

finding your passion when you change your career

Monetizing your ideas

It’s brilliant to have ideas and to take inspiration from your hobbies and passions, but you have to be able to translate virtual plans into a viable income stream. If you’re not applying for a job with a steady income, and you’re hoping to set up as a freelancer or establish your own business, work on a watertight plan.

Figure out how you’re going to make money and undertake research to gather information about potential competitors and get to know your target audience. Gauge the level of demand and think about how you’re going to attract customers or clients before you invest huge amounts of time or money into the venture.



We all dream of finding a job that doesn’t feel like work. If you’re looking to forge a new career path founded on passion in 2021, take these tips on board.


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  1. I really love the idea of monetizing my ideas LOL!
    This is something I’m definitely going to have to pursue.

  2. I think it is so important to have a job you like. My job is not actually what I went to school for, but I like what I am doing.

  3. It is a good time to evaluate what we want out of life and make sure we are doing what makes us happy! It is never too late.

  4. Great post! My dad went to law school at 47, when I was in high school, and it taught me that you’re never “TOO OLD” to find a career you love!

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