How To Get Your Child To Love Science

For some children, science is the most exciting subject at school. Others can find it difficult to enjoy, and might struggle to think of it as anything other than boring. If you’re a teacher, keeping your classroom engaged during science lessons is often difficult. However, there are methods that you can use to get everyone excited about science, and even get them to want to learn more. A few tricks and creative lessons can help you avoid the “boring” parts of science education and keep all of your kids engaged. Here’s how you can do it.



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Show, Don’t Tell

Sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher give a lecture isn’t exactly the most exciting way to learn for kids of any age. Spending the lesson reading from textbooks and writing answers isn’t exactly thrilling, either. Setting up an experiment to demonstrate something that you’re teaching is much more fun. You don’t need to have a full science lab to do some fun experiments. There are plenty of simple, easy and no-mess experiments that you can do in any classroom perfectly safely. For example, you can mix cornstarch and water to create a non-Newtonian fluid.



Learn By Doing

As well as showing the kids some fun things, they can also learn by doing things themselves. There are lots of different experiments they could do that might match up with what they’re learning. They could measure rain levels and wind speed while learning about the weather or make something from recycled paper while learning about recycling and the environment. You can also teach them how to manipulate tools instead of just showing them what they do. For instance, a quick lab session working with a few specimens like plant leaves or human hair can open their perspectives to wonders beyond what they see. Perhaps even get them started on their own scientific inquiry early on.

Being hands-on is much more interesting for a lot of children, and it can help them to learn better and retain information too. Choose things to do that everyone can try without too much help so that you don’t have to micromanage everyone.

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Get Out of the Classroom

Sometimes, getting out of the classroom is the best way to get everyone to learn something new. Being stuck indoors all day isn’t exactly exciting, and it can make children tune out and lose their focus. If you want to get them engaged in a topic, you can explore STEM field trips to take. You can make science more interactive, more physical and more interesting. Even if you don’t go on a field trip, just getting outdoors can be fun. There’s a lot you could explore without ever leaving the school.


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Start a Long-term Project

If you think your kids need something that they can really commit themselves too, starting a longer project can be a great idea. Some simple projects could be extended further to make them last longer. For example, measuring different weather metrics could be done across the school year. Other projects are by their nature something to do for longer, such as growing plants. Many children will respond to projects like these because they have something to keep coming back to, and they can see the progress of their project over a longer period.


If you’re trying to get kids more interested in science, you need to think of some engaging activities that will encourage them to pay attention.


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  2. We do a ton of science and STEAM Activities at my house and it is super helpful to make it tangible by adding in an Art twist or ending with a delicious treat!

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