How to Make a Long Distance Move a Smooth Experience

Relocating can be stressful at the best of times. If the move happens to be far from your home, this adds to the enormity of the task. Moving to a new area is certain to bring on a bout of apprehension, especially being a military family. The last thing you need is a problem with the relocation. Presumably you have already done your research on the new neighbourhood.  All that’s left to do is arrange the move. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how best to organize a long distance move.



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Declutter and Classify

This is the perfect time to declutter and remember that the van space is limited. Ask yourself, “Do we really need to take this?” The larger the inventory, the more difficult it becomes and by removing many unnecessary items for the “to go” list. The removal company have less of a burden. This will also save you money. The quote is likely to be a little lower without the many unwanted items you crossed off the list. If you are a hoarder, you might want to rent storage. Here is some further reading on the topic of making a stress-free long distance move, which might be of some help.


Be Organized

Treat the relocation like a military exercise and draw up lists, involving the whole family. The kids can sort through their own rooms and decide what is to go and what is not. The more people are involved, the less chance of forgetting something. So share your lists with your partner, who might think of something you overlooked.


Source a Removal Company

A long distance relocation is not the time to take any chances. If you are moving to Queensland, Vic Palmer Removals & Storage has removalists in Logan who are experienced in relocating homes and businesses across Australia. Nothing beats experience and with the right removal outfit. You only have to prepare the inventory and they will handle the packing on your behalf. Attention to detail is something to look for when talking to a removal company. Also, a friendly approach and a can-do attitude, the operation will go without a hitch.


New and Old Property Checklist

Finally, planning is the name of the game in a long distance move. Create a list of essential things to prearrange at the new residence. Things like the utility connections and it is always a good idea to have the new home spring cleaned prior to your arrival. An online search will help you locate a local domestic cleaning service.  Look for who can make sure the place is clean and ready for occupation. Make sure you have the keys prior to the move. With all the goings on, it is easy to overlook this. Also, remember to settle up at the old property. Utilities and subscriptions, along with informing the local service companies that you no longer require their services.


If you hire an experienced and established removalist, the move should be trouble-free and with a little planning and some hard work. The new home will be everything you imagined and a little more.



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