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How to Manage Homeschooling as a Working Mom

Homeschooling is an integral component of the education system in the U.S. Today, more parents prefer homeschooling their kids. Traditionally stay-at-home mothers were the main proponents of homeschooling. However, this has changed, more working moms are now finding this the best way to teach their kids. Homeschooling offers incredible benefits including:

  • Convenience

  • Affordability

  • Better quality of learning

  • Flexibility

  • Behavioral growth

  • Holistic education

  • Learning tailored to a child’s capabilities and personality.


But how can a working mom homeschool?

It is not easy for a working mother to homeschool, but with the right homeschooling management skills, you can do it comfortably. Whether you are a work-from-home mom or you work and study away from home and you want to start homeschooling your child today. This article offers helpful tips to manage this demanding responsibility.


Collaborate as Spouses

It is important to work as a couple if you want to succeed in homeschooling your child. Homeschooling is not easy for a working mom and to avoid stress and enjoy it; you should alternate shifts with your spouse. This makes it more enjoyable, and the change of tutors improves the learning experience. It is a win-win situation for both the parents and the child.

If you are in college also and you need help with your project, working with a custom dissertation service will help you find a balance between work, school, and life.

Check Your Working Schedule

Before you take the big step and adopt homeschooling for your child, you need to assess your work schedule to determine your availability. Every parent has a unique working schedule, and for some, it is easy to incorporate homeschooling without any problems.

A full-time or part-time working schedule will affect the learning program differently. While at it, you should also consider your spouse’s work schedule. It is important to note that homeschooling works best when done by both parents. If you are also at school doing your dissertation, you have to consider this in your schedule.

Set Priorities

As a working mum, you have to balance life, work, and school. Things are tougher if you have several kids to homeschool. With so much on your hands, you have to create a solid plan and set priorities.

Once you identify the free time available for homeschooling and your life, you should set aside the time required for studies and other responsibilities. When you prioritize responsibilities in your daily life, it is easier to meet all deadlines. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide the best education for your child. If you have a dissertation project in collaboration with a custom dissertation writer, this should also take priority.

Use Professional Help or Relatives

However hard you try as a working mom, you will at times find it impossible always to make time for your child. When homeschooling, you should always be there for your child but with the tight schedules at work, this is not always possible.

This is where professional, reliable childcare services come in handy. If possible, you can also enlist the help of your relatives. They can step in when you can’t make time in your tight work schedule. It is advisable to consider using the same person on different occasions to avoid confusing the child and ensure uniformity in the learning process.

Flexibility in the Homeschooling Schedule

It is true you want your child to get the best education but you should not push them to the wall using your study schedule. As a working mom, you have to balance between your job and the kid’s needs. This calls for a flexible homeschooling schedule.

You need to integrate some creativity into the study program to ensure the kid enjoys learning. This will also give you time to relax and unwind. For instance, you can choose science, literature or historical films or documentaries for the kid to choose as you relax after work. This can then be followed with something more structured in your study program.

There are over 2.3 million homeschool students in the United States according to the National Home Education Research Institute (NEHRI). This means you can easily get ideas on scheduling homeschooling as a working mother.


Don’t forget your “me time”

When working, working on your MA with a custom dissertation service, homeschooling and also parenting, you need to give yourself a break. It is easy to forget your “me time” which is crucial for you to reflect on life and recharge. Many parents neglect their wellbeing and you should not fall into the same pitfall.

Hire Help For House Chores

If you work outside the house and you want to give your child the best education, it is advisable to invest in house help. You will not have enough time to cater for the house and at the same time dedicate yourself to the homeschooling program. You don’t have to hire someone full time but when the chores are too much, your child should always come first.

Join Homeschooling Online Forums

The internet is a treasure of information. If you find it hard to balance work and homeschooling, you should seek the opinion of other working moms. There are forums for working moms homeschooling their kids. It is advisable to join one of them and learn how to make your life easier.

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