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How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

There is no denying that one of the most difficult aspects of keeping fit is finding the motivation required. Some days you simply don’t want to head to the gym and work out for an hour. Instead, you would rather stay at home and watch the television! So, how do you stop this from happening and ensure that you get the exercise you need each and every week? Here are 9 tips on how to stay on track with your fitness goals.

How to Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals 

Use the power of visualization

One of the best ways to ensure you remain on the right track when it comes to your fitness goals is to use the power of visualization. When you really don’t feel like working out, imagine what you want to look like and how important it is for you to reach that goal. Perhaps you are getting married soon or have an upcoming holiday? Envision what you will look like when walking down the aisle or laying on the beach. This will help you to get focused, and you will be more encouraged to work out so you can reach these goals.


Get a good playlist

If you don’t have a good workout playlist, now is the time to put one together. Music makes a huge difference when it comes to exercise. After all, exercise is difficult, and a lot of effort is required. The right type of song can make all of the difference. Not only will it help to take your mind off the hard workout you are in the middle of, but also it can help you to up your game in the process. Songs with a greater beat per minute tend to encourage people to work out harder. Make sure the music you choose is suitable for the type of workout you are carrying out.

listening to music while working out - Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

Schedule fitness into your diary

One reason why you may not be working out when you should is that you do not schedule exercise into your daily routine. If you don’t schedule your workout sessions, you will be more inclined to overlook them, as you will get distracted by other tasks and run out of time. Instead, treat exercise like it is a daily meeting. Make sure you set aside a specific hour of the day to dedicate to working out. This way, you will have no excuses for slacking off.


Remember that going to the gym isn’t the only option

There are plenty of different ways to keep fit, and so it is important to find something that you love. Why not give kickboxing classes a go? There are many benefits associated with kickboxing. This includes developing a better posture, getting an energy boost, burning mega calories, improving coordination, and reducing stress.

Moreover, by having lessons scheduled in each and every week, you will be more likely to attend, as you will be accountable to the instructor. If kickboxing does not sound like your type of thing, there are plenty of other options, for example, dance classes, yoga, and spinning. You can also check out the best bodyweight exercises for muscle & strength from Openfit to add some more variety to your workout.


Set a goal

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, however, it is very effective. Once you have set a goal, you will be more inclined to work hard. For example, once you sign up for a marathon, there is going to be no going back. You know that you need to work hard if you are going to clock a decent time during the run, and so you will stop putting off your workouts.


Wear your workout clothes

You should put your workout clothes on at the earliest opportunity. If you work from home or you are a full-time parent, this could mean that you put on your workout kit as soon as you wake up. Once you are dressed and ready for action, you will be more inclined to workout.


Exercise even when you don’t feel like it

There are going to be a lot of times where quite frankly you don’t feel like working out. However, have you ever heard about anyone that exercised and regretted it afterward? No matter how much you don’t feel like exercising, you will feel amazing afterward, and it is important to remember this. Plus, if you aren’t feeling in the mood, you don’t have to do the full, intensive workout you usually do. 15 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise at all!


Don’t do it alone

Exercising is difficult enough without having to bear the burden on your shoulders. Find ways of getting support, and your journey will be a lot easier. The first thing you should do is tell your friends and family that you are committed to getting fit. Explain how important this is to you, and they will be an excellent source of encouragement.

You may even find that one of your loved ones wants to join you on your fitness journey. Another way to get the support you need is to sign up for online blogs and forums. You will be able to read comments from those that are in the same position as you. You will come across plenty of tips and useful information, and you will find lots of support should you be struggling to work out or finding it difficult to reach your goals.

working out with a workout buddy

Add variation to your workouts

Finding the motivation to work out can be very difficult when you are doing the same thing every day. By adding variation to your fitness program, you will make it more exciting, which will not only keep you focused for longer, but will enable you to reach your overall objectives at a much faster rate.

Training regimes can include group exercise classes, circuit training, core strengthening, plyometrics, high or low intensity, interval training, continuous training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and weight training. With so many different options to choose from, it should not be difficult to make your training program exciting and incorporate various styles of training.


If you are struggling to get the motivation you need to achieve the body you want, use the tips mentioned above and you are bound to notice a difference. Good luck!



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