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4 Mental Health Issues That Are More Common Than You Know

Mental health is still unfortunately seen as a taboo in society today. It’s quite uncommon for people to admit they have issues with their mental health. But if you are suffering from a mental health condition, you need to know you’re not alone. Here are some of the conditions that impact millions of people around the world today.

Mental health is still unfortunately seen as a taboo in society today. Here's some conditions that impact millions of people.


First, you should consider depression. Millions of people report feeling depressed every year. It’s worth noting that depression goes beyond typical feelings of sadness and refers to a deeper state. Depression can be tied to suicidal thoughts or trigger anxiety which we’ll discuss a little further down.

Professionals such as Louise Stanger can help here and guarantee that your depression is not ignored. It’s absolutely vital that you don’t suffer in silence with an issue like this. It can get gradually worse overtime to the point where you feel completely overwhelmed.



Anxiety is perhaps one of the most common mental health issues in the world today. A lot of people find that they are struggling with anxiety, particularly in key situations. For instance some people struggle to deal with large crowds of people or social situations in general. It’s worth noting that problems with anxiety will often stem back to issues in your past.

As such, you may want to think about speaking to a therapist. The right professional will be able to guarantee that you do get the treatment that you need. They can also help you pinpoint the main cause of your anxiety, whatever this might be.


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Self harm

This issue is particularly prominent in a younger demographic. For instance, one report has revealed that 70% of people could self harm at least once before they are eighteen. This is more common for young women, however, it can impact men as well. It is important to note that people don’t always self harm in the same place.

Some individuals prefer to cut their arms while others will choose an area of their body that is less noticeable. Self harm isn’t always about getting attention when you feel as though you are being ignored. It can even be an addiction.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Finally, it’s possible that you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. This causes individuals to feel rundown and totally exhausted. If you are worried that you are suffering from a condition like this, then it is recommended that you do reach out to a therapist.

There are of course, other possibilities that could make you feel tired and rather drained. For instance, this can be another sign that you are depressed. There’s no cure for CFS however, there are treatment options that you may want to consider. A professional will be able to help you make the right choice.

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about some of mental health issues that are far more common than people realize. If you are worried that you are suffering from one of these conditions, it’s important that you don’t try and get through it by yourself. Reaching out to the right individual or group for support will help you get back on your feet and ensure that you don’t feel alone.


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  1. Thank you for this post about common mental health conditions. All of this runs in my family and I’m prone to anxiety. It’s good to remember that we’re not alone!

  2. Looking after our Mental health by knowing all these concern is a must for us to maintain our well being. We’ll never know we might be suffering from one of them without us noticing the symptoms. So better forbus to be informed about these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, that self harm statistic is scary! We all need to check in and see where our kids are mentally.

    1. REALLY scary!!! We need to do what we can to protect our younger kiddos from this statistic and from it growing.

  4. such an important topic of discussion. I do see anxiety and depression on the rise than when I was younger.. and as for the last one, I know I myself feel more tired than usual nowadays so need to look into it more deeply.. thanks for raising awareness

  5. These do sound like they would be fairly common. It is good that people are becoming more aware of mental health issues.

  6. Mental health we always ignore. Thanks for talking about it and highlighting major issues.

  7. Suffering from Anxiety & Depression myself, I didn’t know that so many did as well until recently. Definitely needs to be talked about more!

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