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7 Mommy’s Successfully Running Nonprofit Organizations

A Supermom? What could be the meaning? Well, a Super Mom is a mom who is ready to lay off the social standards of modern family life to create a healthier environment for her husband, herself and children. From the definition, it’s a challenge to add another responsibility to the stressful task in their various homes. Even in best-case situations, motherhood can be a big challenge.

These supermoms have experienced poverty, adequate medical care, pregnancy, and childbearing want a better life for others. These heroines are selfless, passionate and are working Ad nauseam about making the world a better place.

These supermoms are Founders, Presidents, and CEOs of these nonprofit organizations working towards making a better life. A great cause for women, babies and making life generally worth it for every individual irrespective of their gender.

As we do observe International Women’s Day and the entire Women’s History Month. It’s worth taking a moment to see and celebrate the super moms who run nonprofit organizations. This is a field where so many mothers find their calling and are doing exceptionally well.

As we do observe International Women's Day and the entire Women's History Month, let's celebrate the super moms who run a nonprofit organization.

List of 7 Moms Successfully Running Nonprofit Organizations

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington Burns is a model and social entrepreneur who founded Every Mother Counts (EMC) following her complications in childbirth. It is sad to know that a woman dies every two minutes from complications in childbirth.

EMC strives to see all women have access to vital health care that saves lives and prevents many of these deaths.

The organization operates in many countries in Asia, Africa, and North America such as India, Tanzania, Malawi, and the United States.

They adopt a three-pronged strategy to provide life-saving maternal care by removing barriers to education, transportation, and resources.


Cristal Logothetis

She is a second-generation Scientologist who founded Carry the Future. The foundation distributes baby carriers to Syrian parents while helping them protect their babies during their journey to the asylum.

Numbers of Syrians have sprung up in search of refuge, with many carrying toddlers and babies over miles of distance. Expecting relief from their burdens. Since its inception, the organization has distributed more than 10,000 carriers.

The organization has also donated more than 2,000 bags of baby food and innumerable protein bars, care packages, and toys to refugee families.

The organization’s most recent mission is to provide baby beds and other essential sleep items, such as mosquito nets and diapers, to refugee babies in desperate need of comfort and safety.

Jessica Seinfeld

She is a philanthropist and an American author. Jessica Seinfeld started Good+ formerly called Baby Buggy in 2001 for needy families. Working in conjunction with over 100 community programs, the nonprofit supplies clothing, equipment and services to parents who need help caring for their children.

However, instead of just donating things, Good+ uses its contributions as an encouragement for change. As an example, a mother gets a stroller after she opens a savings account for her child’s education; and a father is given a crib after he has completed a 16-week parenting program.

Since it began, Good+ has provided over 20 million commodities. This includes high chairs, diapers, and cribs. The nonprofit has also widened its outreach to parent education, job training, and financial education classes.

Sera Bonds

Sera Bonds is the Founder and CEO of Circle of Health International, founded in 2004. Working with local community-based organizations, they help women and their communities during crises to provide access to high-quality reproductive, maternal and infant care.

The organization dispatches field volunteers to help with disaster relief, conducts health professional training, community involvement and non-profit management. They also provide materials to help children and women in crises.

In 15 years, Circle of Health International has reached over 3 million women, distributed $900,000 worth of items and trained more than 8,000 health practitioners.

Christine C. Quinn

She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of WIN. WIN is the largest nonprofit organization committed to providing shelter and access to supportive housing for homeless women and children. WIN is working to end homelessness for the families in New York City.

The organization also provides them with safe, clean housing and services such as computer classes, vocational workshops, and child care. WIN’s mission is to help mothers and their children progressively move out of homelessness and into permanent homes.

Nancy Ferro

When Michael, Nancy Ferro’s son, fought cancer, she wished to be there for him at every step of the way. However, she quickly discovered that there were not many resources or tools for survivors to grow and overcome their disease.

Nancy and her son co-founded Epic Experience to help caregivers and survivors accept life and its many challenges. The breathtaking scenery of the Colorado Mountains, home to the Ferro’s, was the perfect location.

The organization hosts free, one-week open-air adventures for survivors, including rowing, rafting, horseback riding, and skiing. The organization provides a similar camp for cancer survivor’s caregivers.

The retreats allow attendees to experience thrilling outdoor adventures, engage with other survivors. The retreats also help attendees embrace their condition as an integral part of their history and not their total identity.

camping for the whole family
Photo by Xue Guangjian from Pexels

Stacey D. Stewart

Stacey D Stewart is President and CEO at March of Dimes. The March of Dimes aims to enhance babies’ health by forestalling infant mortality and birth defects. Their latest campaign is centered on stopping the leading cause of infant death in the United States: premature birth.

In a bid to infuse all babies with a healthy life start, they are helping mothers to have full-term pregnancies. They also assist families whose newborns need special medical attention.

The March of Dimes initiated the Prematurity Research Initiative in 2004, which supports research to understand and prevent premature birth.

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