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10 Best Maternity Clothing You Shouldn’t Miss to Wear

Pregnancy naturally demands the up-gradation of your wardrobe to accommodate your growing baby bump. Well, fashion for maternity clothes has come a long way; now, giant dresses are not the only option left. The choices are endless. So, whether you’re in your first trimester or third, you shouldn’t miss wearing the below-mentioned popular maternity clothing.


Polka midi dress:

Ahh! That’s actually in trend. From Ashley Graham to Anushka Sharma, all have styled their look with this 1950s-inspired polka dot midi dress. Actually, polka dots have always been considered a staple print. However, you can add some ruffles if you want to shine on the streets with your baby bump.

Relaxed dungarees:

Who said maternity clothing mean gowns and midis? Maternity dungarees can also be versatile, practical, and comfortable to wear. Even many models and actresses in the world wear them during their pregnancies. Such clothes are made of soft stretchy denim for maximum comfort to your bump. So, sport this cool-yet-comfortable look in a pair of relaxed dungarees.


Wide-leg jumpsuits:

This one-in-all jumpsuit is well-suited for any occasion. This one-piece outfit isn’t only stylish but also super comfy. If you go for sleeveless, then wearing a cardigan over it will complete the look. You can use this for your workplace too. So, would-be-mums, feel the fierce with this wide-leg jumpsuit, no matter where you’re headed.


Sheer cardigan wrap:

Sometimes, as your belly grows, your go-to staples simply won’t fit anymore. But sheer cardigan wrap is ideal throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Further, throw on over a tank top and wear your comfortable jeans for maternity clothing. This is a superb outfit when you don’t feel like getting dressed up, but your friends invited you for a cup of coffee.


Denim shirt and white jeans:

Perfect for office wear or hanging out with friends! Irrespective of the year, this is a piece that every pregnant lady should wear during pregnancy. Prefer a popover shirt as its sleeves are more flattering and comfortable. Wear it with heels and a blazer for work or throw it with sneakers for the weekend look and sport a chic look.

Floral dress:

Do you want to epitomize the maternity trend? If yes, then wear a body-hugging floral dress. There are tons of designs and colors available in the market from wraps to open midis. No matter you dress up or dress down your accessories, your super comfy dress will grab eyeballs. So, go would-be-mum, show your flower power!

floral dress

Off-should body-con dress:

Nowadays, to-be-mums are breaking the bar with body-con dresses. It is comfortable and allows you to show off your baby bump in a sweet way. The flattering off-shoulder body-con dress will look stunning on you. Further, you can wear this either at your baby shower or during pregnancy photoshoots. Don’t forget to wear some diamond accessories.

Off-should body-con dress

Ribbed tank midi dress:

Sexy mama on the floor! This ribbed tank midi dress will help you sail through your pregnancy with ease. It will complement your curve and baby bump as well. With this dress, you shouldn’t worry about suffocation as it’s a soft, naturally breathable organic cotton fabric dress. With the dress, you can sport a comfy sandal and a crossbody bag when you’re out shopping.

Button front maternity top:

This top with comfy jeans will keep you feeling confident all day long at work. You can even have on during weekends. The best part about this button-front maternity top is its belt; you can anytime tighten or loosen it as per your trimester.

Oversized top and leather jeggings:

These jeggings have a full-belly jersey panel. It will make you feel comfortable, and at the same time, make you look gorgeous and cool. Pair it with an over-sized shirt or top and sport flat sandals to complete your to-be-mum look.


To be a mother can be sometimes overwhelming – mood swings, cravings, big baby bump, and hormonal changes. You go through a lot in that phase. Having the above-listed clothing will help you sail through the phase with mind-blowing looks. Further, start planning your outfits for post-delivery. You need to have some breastfeeding-friendly clothes beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush to the store.


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