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13 Fashion Tips For Working Moms

It is easy for your style and fashion choices to be put on hold when you are a working mom. Your time for make-up may be replaced with taking care of your kid. And their outfits may be the first thing you grab from the wardrobe. You also might be facing difficulty to spare some time for yourself to look stylish as before.

Considering the possibility of looking great as a working mom is not as troublesome as you think. You recently have seen many celebs who managed their mommy-to-be to being mother journey without sacrificing their stylish looks. If you think it is easy for them and not for you, then you are wrong. Everyone faces some kind of difficulty in managing work and raising a child together.

Comfort may be your priority when you are a working mom. We understand why you prefer being comfortable to being elegant while overseeing both your family and work life. However, looking stylish probably won’t be as troublesome as it appears.

All you need is to fill your wardrobe with some must-have style choices. Understand your style needs and work on design tips to look up-to-date at home and outside too.

Teach.Workout.Love is a community for working moms. Read this blog to know the stylish and comfy 13 amazing fashion choices for working mom.


Check out these 13 amazing fashion tips for working moms, and follow them to reinvent your looks.

1. A Trench Coat for Working Mom

One of the classiest outer-wears, a trench coat makes any outfit look stylish, no matter whether you wear it with pants or something dressier. Since this coat is a timeless piece, you can add it to your must-have dresses for every occasion. Choose a color that suits most of the tops that you wear inside. Beige, black, or red are some of the widely chosen colors in trench coats.

2. A Crisp Button-Down Shirt

This adaptable piece can be matched with a pencil skirt or dark jeans, a midi or maxi skirt, and formal pants for work. A crisp button-down shirt is an easy-going cool look with little makeup. If you don’t have much time to style yourself, this is the best alternative to look elegant in the office.

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3. Neutral Work Pants

Some jeans in a neutral color look best in a work event. These work pants keep you covered up and give you a cool look. You can easily wear these pants with a coat and wedges or dress down with a blouse and flats. Moreover, you can wear these pants for your after works events too. So, this is another necessity that you must have in your wardrobe if you are a working mom.

4. A Ponte Dress for Working Mom

A well-fitting dress in wrinkle-free fabric is a perfect piece for working moms to claim. The dress looks amazingly stylish with a pair of small earrings and heels; with flats too, it goes well. It is easy to wear and dress up and you will look stunning in a Ponte dress.

5. Flats with Flair

When your outfit is basic and simple, a pair of flats with an adorable component like bow flair or fun texture. It can truly raise your style game. What’s more, the best part is that they’re easier on your curves and fit to wear with jeans, a dress, a skirt, or any other dress. It all depends upon your choice, which makes this simple footwear look pretty stylish.


6. A Power Blazer

Each mother needs something in her closet to look fierce instantly. Ensure your piece is tailored flawlessly. The one-button power blazer provides excellent looks to every working mother’s little glimpse of heaven. So, this is another must-have piece to keep in your wardrobe.


7. A Chambray Shirt

A denim-inspired top can be worn with different-colored pants for the weekend time or dressed up with a skirt and jewelry for work. This adds leisure to your look and you will look cozy and stylish. It doesn’t matter if you wear this shirt for a weekend day out or at work.


8. Knee-High Boots

During colder months, conceal your calves with these boots at knee length. For a comfortable, easy-going style to wear with pants, pick an equestrian-style pair. For some, that looks extraordinary with dresses as well. So, go for a high-heeled version with almond or narrow toes. These boots even are your necessity to look great in winter whether you are a working mother or simply going out for any event.



9. A Leather or Denim Jacket

We all need an easygoing jacket, especially during the fall and spring. A leather and denim jacket will fill up your necessity without compromising your fashion style. With these jackets, you feel like a badass immediately and can adjust delicate dresses or skirts with some edge. Moreover, a denim jacket is significantly versatile and can go with it for all intents and purposes.


10. A Cashmere Sweater for Working Mom

Lightweight yet inconceivably warm; you can wear this smart look piece superbly over tops or all alone. Unquestionably an investment piece, this sweater comes in a lot of shadings and is sufficiently timeless. This piece goes well with jeans or skirts and gives you a warm feeling all day long. So, this could be your next must-have stylish piece in your wardrobe.


11. Black Dress

Black dresses look incredible on everybody but don’t simply pick any black dress. Yours ought to have a remarkable component to it, whether it’s a dramatic silhouette or over-laver flair or embellishments. If black isn’t your thing, pick a little dress in a neutral color that compliments your skin tone. With an over-the-knee length, black dresses work for both the workplace (combined with a coat) and a night out.

12. A Sturdy, Stylish Purse

We all need a purse or bag that can be filled to the edge, is sufficiently able to fit a laptop, shoes, and our lunch, and won’t get damaged if it rains or snows. So, choose a sturdy but stylish bag for yourself that compliment your needs.

13. Cargo Pants for Working Mom

There are many killer ways to style your cargo pants. But if you are a working mom, these pants could be your day-out wear, very comfortable while you are with your children.

So, do not compromise with your looks and style after being a mother. You can follow these fashion tips for mom to look as stylish in your work area as before.

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