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6 Proven Ways to Raise and Support a Smart Child

It is the desire of every parent to raise a smart child with their support. Such children have no trouble with education and will begin their careers early. They also earn or are in the limelight from childhood, raising their prospects. Smart kids are not only bright in class. They excel in sports, arts, and interpersonal skills.


While kids may be born intelligent, they train to be smart. Parents, guardians, and teachers have a role to play in tapping into the smartness of kids. Experts suggest that everything you do to your child will determine how smart he grows to become.

Here are six scientifically proven ways to bring up a smart kid

It is the desire of every parent to raise a smart child with their support. Such children have no trouble with education and will begin their careers early.

1. Free the child from your constant support

It is natural for a parent to want to protect her child and give them support. Children remain indoors to avoid ‘risky’ encounters. That bubble you are creating around your kid will take away his smartness. It is time to let the child explore the world, meet people, and do things that you would perceive dangerous.

Experts refer to protectiveness as helicopter parenting. Like a helicopter, the parent or guardian is always hovering over the child. A small knock on the leg results in a rush to the hospital. The child has no chance to understand his pain and strains. As a result, the child fails to learn.

A smart kid will need the license to make mistakes and explore his world. Allow the children to face challenges and solve their problems instead of relying on your guidance. In the process of finding solutions and fixing their challenges, the children learn.

While it does not mean carelessness in handling your children, you should allow them to make mistakes. They develop resilience to work through the web of obstacles required to obtain a solution. Such a child will be resourceful. He develops critical thinking skills that set him up for success.

Experts admit that it is a thin line to release your child. The greatest fear for a parent is the child getting irreversibly hurt in the process of enjoying too much freedom. In the end, it is a choice between a secure kid and one who goes forth to conquer the world.


2. Teach social skills

The proposal may appear strange and even difficult to implement in the age of a pandemic but it will make all the difference if you want to raise smart kids. Allow kids to interact with other children. Teach them to solve issues that arise at that love. Teach your children and try to support him in sharing their items or common facilities with peers.

Social skills help the children to blend with society. Remember that these kids are supposed to apply smartness in society. If their peers or people around them keep away, the kids will have no way of demonstrating their ability.

Kids should learn to listen without interrupting. It gives them a chance to learn and will also attract affirmation from seniors or the persons in charge. It becomes the beginning of a journey towards positive self-esteem.

The home is the first place to teach kids social skills. Allow the children to help in the house. Let them pick items that they drop on the floor or tidy their rooms. Appreciate their efforts at socializing. If they leave the house with confidence, they will easily interact with other people. Confident kids develop to become geniuses in their way.

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3. Teach important life skills

Along with teaching your child to be a great human, you will want to teach them important life skills. It is really important for kids to know how to do specific things that can set kids up for success in the future. Learning to be responsible and take care of themselves is something that is not just learned and it is not always learned in school. A great life skill that kids will really benefit from knowing is how to take care of their teeth.

By learning at a young age to take care of their teeth, they can save themselves a lot of pain and anguish as well as money in the future. Taking care of your teeth is not just brushing them. Being able to floss, go to the dentist, and take preventative care on your own is really important as well. By modeling this for your kids at a young age, it will help them learn to do this naturally. Smile Brilliant has a great new product called Plaque Highlighters. Along with teaching your child to use an electric toothbrush and how to effectively brush their teeth, Plaque Highlighters are tablets that kids can chew it for 30 seconds and then spit the excess out into the sink. It then will highlight the yucky stuff on your child’s teeth.

They can then rinse their mouth and it removes the plaque. After this process, kids can then brush their teeth and have a great process for keeping their teeth clean. Everyone has plaque on their teeth. It’s natural. But when there’s too much plaque or when plaque isn’t removed every day, it can buildup and lead to some bad news for teeth. An abundance of plaque can easily lead to decay and cavities, as well as gum disease and gingivitis.

If you can help your child learn this life skill, they will always value the preventative care because it is something they were taught at a young age. I know as an adult I have been using different products to help me take care of my teeth including electric toothbrushes, water picks, night guards and more!

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4. Switch off the television

Children development experts have been studying the effects of television on kids. While it provides entertainment and a learning platform, it has been linked to poor mental capacity. Shrinking metal capacity is associated with the consumerism element of televisions. The kids are just taking in instead of practicing.

Keep your children away from the television, it will provide both mental and physical support to the child. Encourage the children to create content instead of always consuming it. Let them sing as you record their performance. Provide drawing materials or clay substances to build sculptures.

Do not deny them a chance to watch their favorite cartoon or play video games entirely. Limit screen time to two hours each day. If they have to remain on screen, they could play computer programming games that teach crucial lessons. The idea is to turn their screen-time into a productive engagement.


5. Set high expectations

Yes! Setting high expectations does not equal pressuring your kid to perform. The idea is to create an image of more possibilities beyond what the kid thinks he can achieve. This image raises the bar higher so that the kid can pursue perfection.

Constantly insist that the child must perform better. According to research, kids whose parents expected more ended up hitting the targets and surpassing them. As the kid chases expectations from parents, he will come top of the class or his peer group.

While setting high expectations, do not praise obvious traits. For instance, every child can speak or get good grades in class. Praising obvious traits and achievements like getting an A without studying is lowering the bar. Such a child thinks that obvious is excellent. It becomes the end of the struggle to do better. Also, do not forget to support your child in all his endeavors, because he is just beginning to explore this world.


6. Be present

While you are discouraged from helicopter parenting, your presence is crucial if you have to produce smart kids. Watch your child make the paper plane, assemble blocks, and sing his first song. The child always turns to the parent for approval. In the absence of such approval, the confidence to try new things will reduce.

Put off the television or watch together as you engage in dialogue about the action on screen. Keep the phone away once you get to the house and engage your children.

Disconnect the children from the internet when you are around. Avoid the temptation of having to watch videos or play games on the phone. Such habits kill the intelligence of your kid. Be present and engage with your children.

As a bonus, a peaceful home and environment will breed the smartest kids. Lead by example and do not wait until it is too late. Early starters turn out to be the smartest kids in the future.

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