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How to Get a Reliable Breast Pump Through Insurance

Many times, going through insurance to get something seems to be a time-consuming process. When you are pregnant and waiting 9 months, everything seems to take a long time. Especially being a military spouse and moving around, we need great coverage no matter where we move. Did you know that there is a simple process for you to get a brand-new breast pump through insurance without jumping through hoops? This article will tell you how to get a brand-new breast pump through your TRICARE insurance.


Where do I start?

Being pregnant is an overwhelming life change that women are never prepared for. One thing that is certain, is that the easier things are when we’re pregnant, the better. That is why Baby Pavilion took it upon themselves. TRICARE works with great companies like Baby Pavilion to provide quality breast pumps to moms. Here are the steps for you to get your breast pump:

  • Step 1: Fill Out The New Patient Form. Attach your breast pump prescription from your doctor. If you don’t have one, not to worry. Baby Pavilion will help contact your doctor and obtain the prescription for you.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Breast Pump. Baby Pavilion has top brands that you can choose from. Here is the comparison chart to look at:


  • Step 3: Baby Pavilion Handles the Rest. The rest is handled by Baby Pavilion. From checking the eligibility with TRICARE to contacting your doctor, they have it under control. Once that’s done, the order is shipped out within 24 hours! Then they file a claim with your insurance company. Find more information on the homepage.


Along with ordering a breast pump, they also have a reorder supply program. TRICARE covers up to 36 months of accessories. Our moms can place a reorder each time they run out of supplies through our Reorder Form, and we ship out their orders within 24 business hours of the submission time.


Baby Pavilion

Baby Pavilion is a TRICARE breast pump supplier accredited by The Compliance Team. Their specialty is helping moms in their breastfeeding journey through great quality products and support. Providing moms with the best breastfeeding equipment and exceptional customer service is important to them. Not only do their customers choose them because of their products but because of their process to acquire a pump is simple and easy. A less stressful breastfeeding journey is the key successful breastfeeding mom.

What types can I get?

There are many breast pumps out there, but not all are the most effective. When you are a new mom breastfeeding, you want the easiest and quickest way to breastfeed. An electric breast pump is the best way to go! Did you know that there are many accessories out there that moms can get with their breast pump? Baby Pavilion has breast milk bags, the breast milk storage kit, hands free breast shield kit and more! Since breastfeeding is not the same for everyone, there are additional items you can get to meet your own breastfeeding needs.


How to choose

Being a new mom, there are so many choices to make with new products on the shelves. Baby Pavilion created this amazing comparison chart for new moms. Instead of taking the time to compare each of the products, they have done it for you! This way you can see each brand and their specific qualities and not just on cost.



Giveaways each month

Finally, can this get any better? It can! Every month Baby Pavilion on social media does a giveaway for their fans. Checkout giveaways for the upcoming holidays.


If you have anymore questions, please visit the Baby Pavilion FAQ page for more information.


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