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5 Foolproof Resume Tips for Military Spouses

Writing a resume can be challenging for a military spouse. Moving around and looking after the children on your own often means that returning to the working world is difficult. Although you may be ready for the job hunt, chances are your resume is not. Here are five foolproof resume tips for military spouses.


Decide what type of resume

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what type of resume you’re writing. There is no perfect type of resume, the best type is one that fits your experience and qualifications. A chronological resume simply lists your work experience in reverse order, beginning with your most recent position. If you want to focus on your skills and less on those gaps in your employment history, then the functional resume type is for you.

Your skills and accomplishments will make up the majority of the resume. A lot of people find it useful to divide it up into categories such as your technical skills or leadership. A combination resume will focus equally on your experience and your skills.


Remember all the key elements

A good resume is unique and a reflection of your unique set of skills and experiences, but there are some elements that any resume should have. The first thing to include is your contact information. Simply write out your name, address, phone number, and email address. Not everyone feels comfortable including their street address on a resume, and that’s fine. Next, write out your objective.

Your objective is the type of position you are looking for, and also a bit about why you’re qualified. In the middle of your resume, you should include a summary of qualifications. This section will consist of five or six points about why you are qualified for the job. After this you should also put your employment history, your education, and any special skills you have (such as being fluent in a second language) that can set you apart from the field.

Customize things

[blockquote align=”right” author=””]“Don’t create a boilerplate resume and send it out to every job you’re interested in. Each resume should be tailored to the position you’re applying for,”[/blockquote]

This is advised Robert Everhart, resume proofreader at EliteAssignmentHelp and AustralianHelp. Look for keywords in the job posting and mirror them in your resume. When you speak of your accomplishments, discuss them in terms of hard numbers.

You can include your volunteer experience, but it’s best to do so only when the experience is relevant to the job you’re after. Make your resume concise, you don’t need to include every job you’ve ever held and every bit of education or skill you have. Only include things that are relevant.


Make the most of your experience

A lot of military spouses will have gaps in their employment history. It’s just one of the challenges of being a military spouse, you move around and don’t necessarily have steady employment.

[blockquote align=”right” author=””]“The best strategy in these cases is to lead with what you’ve got, meaning you don’t need to list your employment history in chronological order. Put your most relevant job experience in a prominent position,”[/blockquote]

This is recommended by Alice Blanchard, business writer at OxEssays. Lots of employers will understand the challenge that being a military spouse poses to a career.

Use online tools to edit and proofread properly

A resume is a representation of your skills and work ethic, it’s also the first impression you make on an employer. Your resume must be technically flawless, and that’s why proofreading and editing are so important. Here are some tools that can help: Via Writing and Academ Advisor – These online grammar guides and checkers make your resume process a lot easier. Grammar is a stumbling point for a lot of people, so it’s a good idea to get some help.

  • Paper Fellows – Use this online editing tool to make sure your resume does not contain any errors. Even one typo can discredit you and get your resume deleted by the hiring manager.
  • Study Demic – Proofreading can be difficult and tiresome, and it’s very easy to miss something. These guides can help you make sure you get it right.
  • Academized and Resumention – These resources, reviewed by Uktopwriters, are full of resume editing tips and tools you will find helpful.
  • MyWritingWay and BigAssignments – Try out these formatting tools so that you can be sure everything in your resume is formatted correctly. Don’t take any chances with your resume, get some help from the pros.


Relocating to a new area means getting back on the job hunt. For military spouses, searching for a new job can be a challenge. Sometimes you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, looking after the kids by yourself. Finding a job in a new area can be challenging, but there are ways to make it easier. Use these five foolproof resume tips to find a career you’ll love.



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