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Tips to Revamp Working Mom’s Morning Routine

The alarm rings. You roll over feeling like you just shut your eyes, but the numbers on the screen reflect the truth. It’s 6:00 am and time to force your tired body out of bed, start the coffee, wake the kids and get ready for the morning chaos that is your life to begin.

“Mom! I can’t find my socks. Billy spilled the milk. I’m hungry.” The voices echo through the house as you trip over toys and mentally recite your presentation for the morning meeting. Hubby enters the kitchen and calmly pours his cup of coffee that must have magically appeared overnight. What would he do without you? He sips it and smiles, oblivious to the hectic show around him.  “How does he do it?” you think to yourself.

He never seems to arrive at work late with peanut butter in his hair or baby drool on his shirt. And, that’s when it happens. That’s when you just want to shout and scream and pull your hair out because literally everyone on the planet depends on you and you just can’t take it anymore! And, if this was a movie, we would rewind back to the beginning when the alarm rings and try it again.

But, before we go all Groundhog Day, let’s go over some tips to revamp working mom’s morning routine: 



The most amazing tip I have found for my life is now an absolute integral part of my every day. Self-Care is imperative for every single person. Listen, if you can’t take care of yourself, you absolutely cannot take care of everyone else who needs you in the way that you want to. And, self-care does not need to be a week-long vacation on the beach in Bali (although, that does sound appealing). It can just be a few minutes in the morning before the kids wake up.

I’m telling you, getting up earlier than usual, even though you might long for a few more moments of shut-eye, will make a world of difference!


Step 1:

The program that coffee machine. It may take a little while to figure that crazy contraption out, but it will be incredibly rewarding when you get up and the coffee is sitting there for you hot and ready. Make a cup and let’s move on.


Step 2:

This may sound crazy, but it works. Look in the mirror. Take a good look at you. Smile at the person that you see and say out loud to yourself, “I will be happy today. I will not let the stress and pressure affect my mood. Look out world, because I’ve got this!” Believe these words. Give yourself a wink and move on to step 3.

Step 3:

To revamp your morning routine do something you enjoy for 30 minutes before the kids wake up and the house is quiet. Read a book, meditate, do a devotional, walk, run, listen to a podcast, listen to music. Do something that motivates you to get going and make it a good day. Do NOT watch TV. This is a time to reflect, plan your day in your head, and get your mind on track to the tasks that are ahead of you. I personally take a walk while listening to a self-growth podcast. That gets me motivated. That makes me feel powerful and unstoppable.


Step 4:

Go to your closet and put on something that makes you feel beautiful. When you feel like you look your best, you automatically feel more confident and an overall stronger person. You walk different, look at the world differently, and people will notice your confidence and be drawn to it. They will be intrigued by you and your presence. They will listen to what you have to say because they want to be like you.

Step 5:

Go out into the world and show off the confident, strong, bold and beautiful you. Smile at people. Share the love. That’s what the world needs. We look for people just like you to shine and make our day better in some way. The world is full of ugliness, but you are that sparkle that makes all the ugly disappear. A kind, sweet and beautiful person will draw the right people to you and create true friendships that last a lifetime.

I promise you that following these 5 steps to revamp your morning routine will make you feel instantly refreshed. This isn’t a diet that you need to wait to see results. This is right now. Today. Your kids will notice the change in your mood and demeanor. Your spouse will look at you in a different light. And your girlfriends? Well, they’ll think you had a fresh makeover at the spa. You will look great, feel great and be great all because of 5 things that didn’t cost you a penny.

Now, rewind to that first part again and play the morning routine AFTER the 5 steps I just told you about. What happened? I want to hear about your day after you followed these 5 steps. DM me. Email me. Tag me. Tell me all about it! I’m bursting with curiosity here. I can’t wait to find out! Don’t forget… You are amazing! #Truth


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Nikka Harvey

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